[Actor] Lin Gengxin (Kenny Lin)

Discussion in 'Chinese Celebrities' started by Ms.Zoe, Jun 19, 2017.

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    I don't know why but I think LGX would be a good candidate to play Batman lol or maybe some super sexy spy, after all as YWY he is the head of the secret spy group in PA...this short ad of his really qualify him to be a super sexy spy in modern days :D.


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    This fmv is so well done....great song & captures of LGX in many of his works. The lyrics of the song & many captures of LGX are worth to comment about :).

    "You came out of nowhere" yes you sure did & got my curiosity & attention LGX.

    >> I need time to write my post, I got too emotional by this fmv :sad6: :D <<

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    Happy Birthday to this handsome lad :love:.


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    happy birthday to him!!!
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