About Mike Pirath, Baby Mama, and Baby

Is anyone here following Mike and his baby mama drama? Apparently, the adorable Maxwell is his but why on the birth certificate the baby's last name is Casinghini? Baby's whole name is Maxwell D'Angelo (where the heck does Mike come up with D'Angelo for himself and baby?!) Casinghini, not Nitipaisakul...why? He's accepted that he's the father. Is it because his parents won't accept the child? If so, that's just damn sad... It really bothers me man...I like Mike and all but why doesn't he let Maxwell use his last name? Gosh...


`my dragon's blood is blue`
I remember him saying D'Angelo was from his father. Either it's his father's lastname or it came from that side of his family. So far from what I've watched and followed, they had a DNA and everything. Mike is giving her financial support. He has signed the birth certificate but not the certificate that makes him the father.. I am not sure. It was something strange like that. I guess in Thailand they have 2 different forms of documents. 1 form is to officially claim Maxwell as his son, but the other that he hadn't signed his for like inheritance/ having legal rights to the D'Angelo fortune. I'll go find the video if I can...
For the most part his baby mama is saying that Mike hasn't approached her parents yet and her mother is quite unhappy with Mike. Mike on the other hand is doing promotions overseas. He says he has his company take care of all the financial matters for him and that he'll pay for everything that Maxwell needs.


sarNie Hatchling
I don't know but Mike is messed up.  I mean what would he have done if all this wasn't exposed?  Too bad liked him in Margie lakorn.


sarNie Adult
She gave birth to the baby, she should have all the benefits and that includes in giving the baby her last name. Why would mike get that honour when he doesnt want to take responsibilities

If i was Sara i wouldnt let my baby near him, since it's easier for the baby to adapt not knowing anything now than going back and forth bt mum and daddy, js think it's alot healthier environment for a kid to grow up in with the mother's full love without a father than be with a father who doesnt want to take responsibilities. This is js generally speaking, nothing against mike, im actually neutral towards him cos i dont really follow him or sara.


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They are both consenting adults.  Deal with the consequences as adults.  Sorry not everything is tied up with fairy tale happily ever after.  The child deserves to be the priority and the parents will have to provide what they can.  Love from mom and security from Dad.  End of the discussion, to drag it out and make it public isn't going to help this child's future.  Common sense is really hard to understand.  Wish them all the best and move on with their life and find happiness!