Abortion or Not?

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I know this a VERY sensitive topic but i'm really curious on people's opinions on this topic. If your offended or something please ignore this topic then. I just wanna know people's opinion on it.


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i say no , unless mother and/or baby are at risk. this is a life, and life is a very powerful thing. not being able to afford a baby is just rubbish, so much help out there for moms. but the accident part of not using protection due to stupidness ... is just wrong to kill an innocent person.

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sarNie Coma
If i was raped, i would get one. Honestly i'm a sensitive person and i know its an innocent life but for me to go through nine months with a reminder everyday of what happened..... its just something i couldn't handle. But it depends on the person, those people who go through with pregnancy after hard situations are people that i consider a person with a heart of gold. But if you were to be a teenager that has sex for fun, then i think they should not have an abortion because they should deal with the consequences from them fooling around. I'm with 2 opinions.


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I remember having this exact same discussion in ETHIC class. So many aspects to explore and see. For me, I feel women and men should have their says in this case despite the fact that women have more rights with the decision. I think that if a father's willing to help pay for the child's expense and raise him, a woman should give them that opportunity.

In short, these are somethings I feel has the right or no right to abortion.

Pose a risk to mother and child -- then yes as a last resort. If the baby can be nursed into a health after not being in the mother's womb then don't abort. Keep the baby and give life a chance.
Unprotected s3x -- no b/c they knew what they're getting themselves into.


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For me, whether the baby resulted from an accident, rape or otherwise, I still say it's the woman's choice. I'd rather not have a woman give birth to a child she doesn't want or love or have the full intention to take care of. I don't think people should be getting abortions left and right but I think it's still her choice. You can always argue that she can get assistance but even that has limitations. She can always give it away but for 9 months she's carrying it without care.

Yes it is a life and yes they did bring it into the world but it's their decision whether or not they can support it when it does come into the world. I don't know, it's all very complicated but I'm not in favor of taking anyone's decisions away from them.


This is actually a very interesting and controversial topic.

I am actually pro-abortion as the last resort. I believe a woman should be able to choose what's best for her if in the end she can't find a way out that she's content with. Those teens that have unprotected sex are definitely not ready to raise a child and thinking from an economist point of view-less burden for society (selfish? yes!) and I don't think any child should have to deal with the consequences of their parents actions. Now getting abortions left to right I am NOT ok with.


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i'm like nai, i'm pro-abortion:
it's a right for woman to choose what they really want
even if today we have so many methods of contraception, the only one who works at 100% is the abstinence...

it was hard to make the abortion legal.


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Hmm...There is adoption, right?
I think abortion is wrong but there are a limit to it.
I mean yeah if a lady got raped, they would usually abort it or carry it for 9mths and then put the baby up for adoption.
I find it sad when the women's abort the baby. Yeah, they have the right to choose what they want, but it's a life. A blessed baby that would love to live in this world, although this world is corrupted and cruel, it just wants a life, friends and family.
Ehh...i'm probably getting nowhere with this. ahahaha I'm writing an essay about Adoption, so idk what i'm talking about now. ahah.
Anyways, yeah! If the girl got pregnant because of her and the guy's stupidness, than she shouldn't abort but maybe put them into adoption.
I just feel sad when babies get aborted. It's like a way people always use just to run away from their problems. It's a pretty risky thing too!


sarNie Oldmaid
So controversial. Hmmm...I don't think people should opt for abortion unless it is a life threatening matter. I witnessed an abortion once and I can say, I did not feel good about watching it even though the curtains were supposedly blocking my view. What's sad is that some girls/women don't know that they're pregnant until after the embryo heart starts to form and already beating. To me, that's life.

There's always adoption and all different types of adoption (took a seminar on this) and this is definitely what I'm pro for if parents choose not to keep their baby(ies). So many girls are too afraid to talk to a doctor or nurse about it because they're afraid they'll get in trouble with their parents, but my thought is if you weren't afraid to have unprotected sex...then face the consequences of that choice and give the baby a chance to live with a family that can support the child and who waited long for a child of their own.


i'm pro-choice.

there's an enormous conflict in it of itself for me, but i do think it's her life, she should get the final decision.


sarNie Hatchling
I do not believe in abortion at all.. The United States is doing the same thing today. We sacrifice our children in abortion clinics. We sacrifice them, not to the old idols of Molech and Chemosh, but to new idols called Money, Convenience and Career. There is no difference between the United States and the ancient countries of Ammon and Moab. We are as guilty as they were. Should God's wrath be any less for us than it was for Moab and Ammon, if we do not stop killing our children?
There are alternatives for pregnant women who do not want their babies. Adoption is one, counseling by priests, ministers, pastors, etc., is another. There are also private and public programs that offer housing and other resources to help pregnant women who don't have any money. They can help until the baby is born, and some programs will help even after the baby is born. Remember, God makes no distinction between a fetus and a born child. Why should anyone else?
God has told us to treat each other with respect, and to help each other through difficult times. And so, we need to reach out to the people who are thinking about having an abortion, and we need to offer our help, sincerely.
I want to see all of us go to Heaven. I want all of us to be ready for the return of Jesus.
If this writing has had an effect on you, and you can see that abortion is a terrible sin, and you have had an abortion - it is not the end of the world for you. Jesus will forgive you. Ask Jesus to forgive you and ask Jesus to come into your life.
When I asked Jesus to come into my life some years ago, I spoke from the heart and said something along these lines, if it helps:
"Jesus, I am a sinner. I ask you to forgive me of every sin I have committed throughout my life. I know you are the Son of God, and I need you, Jesus, to guide me through my life. Come into my life, Jesus, and guide me and make me one of your own."
I believe abortion is the killing of the innocent. I believe abortion is parents killing their own children. I believe that in the eyes of God, abortion is the biggest sin this world is committing today. Although the word abortion does not appear in the Bible, the following scriptures prove beyond a doubt that God looks at the fetus as a living child from the moment of conception. In the Bible, the Greek word brephos is often used of the newly born, infants, and other children. For example, in Acts 7:19, brephos refers to the children killed at Pharaoh's command. But in Luke 1:41,44, the same word is used for John the Baptist while he was yet a fetus in the womb, a pre-born infant.
The Hebrew word yeled is usually used to refer to children - a child, a boy, etc. But in Exodus 21:22, it is used of a child in the womb.
All of these scriptures and many others indicate that the Bible views a fetus as being as much of a person as it does a child or an adult. The scripture repeatedly assumes the continuity of a person from conception to adulthood. In fact there is no separate word used exclusively of a fetus that will permit it to be distinguished from an infant as far as its personhood and value are concerned.


sarNie Hatchling
I honestly think raped or unprotected, no. If you have to live 9 months being pregnant and reminded, it's better than living the rest of your life remembering you killed an innocent baby's life because you felt disgusted of yourself. So after you give birth and you don't want to keep the baby, give it up to someone or an organization like an orphanage, foster home, adoption, or someone you know that is willing to take care of the baby. 
If it's a dangerous risk like if something is physically wrong in your body, dear God help you. I don't know about that one. 
Personally, abortion would not be an option.  If it were the result of rape and you didn't take the morning after pill in time, I think that carrying it to term then putting it up for adoption would be the last resort.


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I just got done reading a sad and touching story about this ... Broke my heart I can't make the decision for anyone but definitely agree on keeping the baby regardless ... Unless it's a miscarriage then that's understandable.


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I know I already commented on here, but I thought I just give my 2 cents on this again. lol So I had to read an abortion case from 2007 for my Business Law class, and it was probably the most disturbing case I've ever read for that class. lol It was so descriptive with how abortion works that It scared me so bad, I got scare for those people who choose to undergo an abortion. I'm major pro-life, but I understand that women should be allow to make their own choices. For me personally, to abort a child and having to live life knowing that I aborted my own child regardless of the situation is more devastating than to live with a child born out of rape or whatever the situation is, but I may be speaking too early. I don't want this to happen to me either, of course. lol I mean, it really depends on the person and how they handle the situation. I think that any unwanted pregnancies from kids who just like the idea of sleeping around should not abort and deal with the consequences, which sounds selfish and mean of me but hey, that's life. 


sarNie Oldmaid
I've heard story of this lady drove someone to get an abortion, after that she always dream of crying babies and of a little girl cursing her out for helping them killed her (the spirit). Till these day she have to make merit for that baby's spirit she in a way help killed by taking the mother to get the abortion.  If she doesn't do it, she will have the same bad dreams about that spirit. She'll have to live the rest of her life knowing she has helped kills a child.
Life is about choice, good or bad you should be prepared to accept the outcomes. Karma, the circle of life is real! 
All I can say is you don't want to be killed, so what give you the right to kill that to be your child?


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I read a recent news of a 'possible' abortion of a small immature baby moving inside a detach placenta :( That was so sad  :cry1:


sarNie Oldmaid
There is no way for them to save the baby in those incubator in the NICU like those premi babies?
Yes that is sad to hear.  I wish and pray that they can save the baby.


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Not sure but seeing all these photos make me sad for the baby and angry to the irresponsible 'parent'... people need to stop fooling around if they're not ready to accept any consequences !!!!


sarNie OldFart
I would not do it regardless because I can't kill an unborn child when the child was never ask to be apart of the problem to begin with. A child is the most innocent all of the world. Me, personally would live for the rest of my life with guilt. But that's just me.
Though, I know 3 people very well that has done it both ways...abort and not. One of them was raped while she was 16, she decided to keep the baby and her parents ended up adopting the child as theirs. The child grew up calling the mom sister and the grandparents mom/dad.  I saw how they interact and they do seemed like sisters because none let on that they are mother and daughter. Under the circumstances, I think they did the right thing. The girl is such a pretty thing because her mom is gorgeous.
The other 2 ended up having an abortion and 1 of them regret it till now. She said, it was the most painful thing she has ever done but at the time she didn't feel like it was the right time to have the baby. She does not live a happy life and from time to time she lets on saying, it was because I killed a human being. She said, if she had to do it over she would not have the abortion.
The last one, she doesn't  mind because she felt it was the right thing. She didn't want another child and said it was an accident she had gotten pregnant. And if she had to do it all over again, she would do the same thing. She even encourage her sister to have one because her sister was too old to have another baby. Her sister said no because it was not the baby's fault and she would have it and raise it regardless. I asked her if it was her in her sister's place would she abort? The girl didn't hesitate. She said, she would in a heartbeat.
But I don't judge any of them because it is their right. If they can live with their decision who am I to say otherwise.