a old dubbed chinese movie i think...

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  1. jenjen

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    well i was wondering if any of u seen this movie...it was waaay back like in 1997-98....i remember like sumthing like her dad like hunting deer and somehow she was turned into one...i wanna see..and um i think like this dude fell in love with her and then he turned younger....umm im not sure if im mixing up movie here...eheheh but yea i just all of a sudden wanna see old movies...
  2. Fearless

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    I remember this movie. I thought it was a really good and sad movie but she didn't turn into a deer.. here is how it goes.

    p'ek is a young, poor doctor. Although he's poor, he's very generous to the poor people and treats them for free. n'ek is a rich girl from a very wealthy family. One day her and some of her people went hunting for deers and p'ek was on his way from somewhere and he saw a deer laying on the ground injured so he took the deer back to his house to treat it but n'ek came and asked him why he took their deer and demanded it back. So she gave him some money and took the deer away. After that, a spirit guy who's in charge of the deer mountain came to p'ek and told him that if she goes and kill deers again she will die. The next day, he runs over to her house to warn her but the servants didn't believe him so they beat him and kicked him out. Just right then, n'ek and her people were ready to go deer hunting again. He ran after them and tried to stop them but was left behind. n'ek spotted a deer and was ready to shoot but the horse moved and she lost her balanced and fell down and hit her head on a rock. When p'ek got there it was already too late. On the day of her funeral, p'ek finds out the truth why n'ek needs to kill deers. Her father has this rare sickness which he must drink deer blood to survive. p'ek went and told the spirit guy that what he did was wrong and that n'ek did not want to kill the deers but did it out of good intentions. So the spirit guy admit his fault and promised to reborn her into a good life and wealthy family. Before the burial, someone must watch her coffin for 3 days (I forgot why) but all the servants were scared and no one was willing to do it so p'ek offered to do it. While he was watching her and talking to her coffin, her spirit came and talked to him. She was grateful for everything he did for her so to repay him she gave him these deers antlers to help one of his patient who is hoping to walk again. They met a few times after that and somehow fell in love. n'ek loves p'ek a lot because of all the nice things he has done for her so they decided to get married. p'ek went and told her family that he has been seeing her and they wished to get married. Her family was shocked because she was already dead but he insisted on marrying her so they arranged their marriage. He married her by writing her name on a wooden board and someone has to hold it as if it was her. (I found this part really touching) after they got married, it was soon time for her to go. She gave him the date, time, and place to meet her 16 years later and they promised to meet each other again and that he would be there at that time. (Their good bye was also touching) 16 years later, n'ek is reborn into a wealthy family and p'ek is middle-aged man. He's disappointed at how much he's aged and is afraid that she won't recognize him. So he meets the spirit guy again and asks for his help. The spirit guy brings him to this pond that has special potions in it and if he soaks in it then he will become young again. So on their meeting day he went to her house but she couldn't recognize him because he looks too young so she didn't believe that it was him. Disappointed, he went back to the spirit guy and asked for his help again. So he became old again and went back to her house. Now she recognized him and they got married. The end.
  3. xxmiss_maixx

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    awwww....sounds like a really good movie.
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    hey Fearless, isnt that one of those Chinese Ghost Stories? I've seen it before too....but forgot the exact titles.
  5. Fearless

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    No I think it was one of those dark tales series. Anyways, I like the Hmong songs that they put in the movie.
  6. babe_girl

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    i think it's one of the Darks Tales II series....saw it long ago...it was good...i love all the Darks Tales series...lol...
  7. Fearless

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    Did you guys see the one where n'ek is a bird.. and she turned herself into human to live with p'ek.. she loves him so much but he was such an asshole and cheated on her.. it was so sad I was crying at the end at how much she sacrificed for him.. even when she was dying she tried so hard to save his life... I can't really remember but I think at the end her father turned her back into a bird and took her away... and p'ek spends the rest of his life searching for her.
  8. bugsy

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    lols....I meant to say Dark Tales but couldnt think of it. O well. And that bird one seems interesting. Havent seen it.
  9. karenyang

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    those dark tales series are good....and the one where she's a flower (paj liab ntsha)...that one is pretty good too....and tub kos dua....something like taht....those are all good ones....
  10. Kelly

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    Omg yea Vivian Leung was in it ehe! omg I use to be suah a big fan of her hehe!
  11. babe_girl

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    OMG!!! that's was my all time favorite series in the Dark Tales II....hehehe...i know all that she sacrificed for him he never think of it! :angry:
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    hey! this movie sounds fimilar!!! well i remember something about him being too young! well it sounds like a good and sad movie!! thanks fearless for the summary!! :D
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    okies so thats how the series went....i was so off track ehehe but thanks for the summary!!! i wanna see it again imma go look for it ehehe...
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    Hey guys; I'm lookin for this one movie way back in the days in 1991s. I forgot the name of the movie, but it's about this girl she will have to hunt for deers for their (blood) so her father would live longer. One of the deer turned to a human (I guess he's the master) told this guy to tell that woman to stop killing his family as like (deer.) He went to her house tryin to stop her but her soldier won't let him in. She already left to hunt for deer, he went after her but it was too late the king of the deer already killed her because she was going after him. The deer; the king lighting the tree, and she jump hit the rock then the tree fell on top of her and she died. The dude came to late. #someone help me wat is the name of this movie. #this movie is my favorite!
  15. p. Zoua

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    that's the same one that they mentioned above I think. From dark tales starring Jamie Weng & Cynthia Khan. The hmong title is "Tsawg Tiam Los Hlub". I think there is copyrights on these dark tale movies and that's why no one uploads them anymore. Here's the song for the hmong dubbed in the movie. 
  16. Sua Nam

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