4+1 Channel 3's Superstar


lol this is what I think of the guys, just my opinion ok. lol

boy: maybe sense of humor, relax and easy going
ken: hot and pretty sweet, talks funny
nadeche: funny and just plain hilarious, he's got a bit of humor in him too. haha
mario: never saw any of his lakorn, but he's cute and funny I guess. LOL
mark: he's kind of the weird, funny and attractive one LOL he's always being picked on or tease by everyone once in a while. lol


sarNie Adult
for me is

Boy: hilarious, funny, witty
Mario: adorable, funny.
Mark: cute, nice smile.
Ken -no comment-
Nadech: weird, too hyper, hilarious.



I find this picture funny because Mark uses a remote control as a mic, while nadeche uses just plain papers LOL and others use other non-mic stuff LOL it's just funny how poor they were w/o mics LOL


sarNie Tombstone
my opinion.... :scratchchin:
P'Boy - sense of humour, easy going, also be a good leader/big brother
Mario - this dude is so cute
Ken - don't know much about him but he seems funny
Nadech - prince charming looks, talents, cute, funny, easy person
Mark - this guy his more of a quiet person and serious/lame but he can be funny somehow


Sharing pictures of the three hotties on Tonight Show! ^_^
credit: prinfanclub.net

Mark's smile is priceless here LOL

Even from this angle, the boys still look HOT!!!! lol =P

I love Mark's poster most! He's got an ugly brown background, but he looks SERIOUSLY HOT!!! <3 ^_^

Awesome quality posters! ^_^



sarNie OldFart
Mark is so Handsome! Oh, I love him! I Love his picture the best out of the boys too. :) I think Mark is just a quiet shy person at first but then if you get to know him he's funny and cool. :) He is indeed very cute too!ha.


sarNie OldFart
I'm sure it will because it is one of channel three biggest project of this year but if not they should be having DVD or vcd of the concert for sale!
Oh yeah. I hope it goes on-air too. I want to watch it! So, if this do go on air, do you or anyone by the chance know what time does it usually air/start?


sarNie Hatchling
out of all 5 guys i have to say my favorite is Nadech, follow by Mario, Mark, Boy. I haven't seen any of this Ken fellow's work so I can't rank him..LOL...Mario is a cutie, but with his baby face i sometimes have a difficult time taking him serious...especially in Plerng Torranong with Taew...i had a difficult time seeing him as the big tough cooporate guy..


4 + 1 is considered one of the best things ch3 has ever done lol.... Such Eye Candies lol... Sad how their all so young and I'm old now lol


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Awe, i just realize that they have KEN name in front of his head -- they need to bring that text back like how they did with Boy and Mark -- not fair at all :(


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^ good eye ceci, i had to scroll back up to see that.. >_<..

and awwwe.. i want the poster.. i want a big poster like that.. ahhhh <3


Awe, i just realize that they have KEN name in front of his head -- they need to bring that text back like how they did with Boy and Mark -- not fair at all :(
lol i thought of the same thing when i saw it. but i think the reason they made his name appear before him was bc his head/picture was too much closer/bigger. in order to not hide his name, they have to make it appear in the front bc of his large/closer pose. haha


sarNie OldFart
This is off topic.I don't know where to post this video.But since Mark is a apart of 4+1 ch3's superstar I'll just post it here. I know this have nothing to do w/ this topic at all and i'm sorry but I really want to post this here. I don't know if anyone have already post this though.ha.but i find it funny b/c Mark was singing the lyrics from the cellphone.hah.Funny.Mark so cute. ^-^