4+1 Channel 3's Superstar


sarNie OldFart
Thanks for the videos Katelyn. I was wondering when will it be up. :)

Oh my gosh, so ya remember P'A,the boys' agent, he was also in the concert too right.
I didn't even notice he wasn't even the actual P'A he was somebody esle! He looks
exactly like him though. Except he's shorter and tanner than the real P'A. Later on,
in the show the real P'A showed up, and he was the one who was flying and the song
"I'm a barbie girl" was on.haha.


sarNie Oldmaid
BTS of 4+1 Superstar Concert

Yaya: When I came out, I couldn't dance right, don't know which move to do first. It's good I had a great experience. P'Nadec is god's gift. He can do everything! He can act well in a lakorn, dance well with so much energy, voice is great! He has god's gift. He is perfect! He can do everything!!

cr mukdascubajam

อิลชยิ้มไม่หุบเลยนะ^^ Good night BarryYa>///< (Can't stop smiling)
cap NadechYaya behind the stage 4+1 cr:littlegirl184