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Discussion in 'Japanese' started by sweet_dreams, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. sweet_dreams

    sweet_dreams sarNie Egg

    Hello. My name is Soua. I am currently doing a shopping spree on 3D Japanese Fashion Nails. These nails are super cute and pretty. If you know Ayumi Hamasaki, these nails are just about as pretty as hers. Each nail set comes with 24 nails and glue. Starting price for each set is $10 excluding shipping and handling. Since this is a spree, we have a goal. Our goal is to reach 20-30 orders or more by the end of this month!! Let your sisters and girlfriends know about this and have them come order too! ^_^ I guarantee you, you will love the nails.

    Click on the link below to check it out: http://www.geocities.com/japanesefashionnails/

    Happy Day! ^_^
  2. minankumo

    minankumo sarNie Adult

    nice nail art. they r pretty.
  3. babe_girl

    babe_girl sarNie Adult

    i have a question. Where are you ordering it from?
  4. sweet_dreams

    sweet_dreams sarNie Egg

    I am ordering from a company in Asia.
  5. icecake

    icecake sarNie Egg

    oooo pretty pretty.. :drool:

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