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  1. Mz_Em

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    When N'ek is pregnant, she always or a must, has morning sickness as a symptom. Having 3 kids myself, other than fatigue, never had morning sickness but I consider myself luckier than others lol
  2. thailakornlover75

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    Lol, yasss!
  3. I am not sure if this one is mentioned already but:

    After a rape/love making scene where n'ek is "supposedly" a virgin, they don't really show any blood mess! And we all know how that "should" be. So does that mean a lot of the n'eks weren't "virgins"? :pancarta:
  4. AdeNike

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    Exactly, there's no need for brainstorming. N'rai's clothes tend to be more flashy and bright also lol!
  5. AdeNike

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    That pisses me off, he has to do is just to shake her off his hands, but nope. He stands there rooted to the ground with a helpless look on his face. But if it's the N'ek, he would shake her off so badly, she will land across the room.
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  6. AdeNike

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    Your list totally nails it lol!! The N'eks can be frustratingly stupid!
  7. Cupid Candy

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    Pra'ek and n'ek are in their early to mid twenties and yet they already have a long running medical career.

    You know the main characters are going to die when their other half waits last minute to finally decide to reveal what they've been harbouring even though they've had so many opportunities to say it. (Koo Gum, n'ek waits to tell p'ek she's choosing him, Rak Nakara, p'ek waits to tell n'ek why he's been so cold to her and actually loves her, Yatika, n'ek waits until she is pregnant and p'ek goes to another province and then she tells him she really does love him).
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  8. I know! You got all these right!
  9. Cupid Candy

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    If the n'ek goes to an all girls school, there will be a gang of girls out to bully her for no reason. The n'ek will have her own group of friends that will help attack these other girls and defend n'ek. This all girls school will always put on some sort of performance (usually Romeo and Juliet) and the p'ek will be in the audience.
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  10. I know! There are always the "gangs" or the N'rais! It would be nice NOT to have them for a change LOL :)
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  11. tweedaly

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    When n'ek gets captured by n'rai or some evil person and p'ek goes to save her. Then somebody gets shot and either sent to the hospital or die.
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  12. x0unerthanlater

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    No one can ever tell if n'ek is disguised as a boy even though you can clearly see her chest curves and all. Only time p'ek will know is if he "accidentally" touches her chest or someone else tells him.

    N'ek/p'ek gets bit by a poisonous snake while lost in the deep woods... But somehow still manages to survive because the next scene they're at the hospital.

    It's so easy to find a long lost grandchild because she's (N'ek) usually working as a servant in the grandparents house.
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  13. sarN

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    if there a bed in the background while the N'ek/P'ek is talking or arguing . there going be some damage :risas3:
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  14. x0unerthanlater

    x0unerthanlater คนไม่รักดี

    ^ after the "damage" is done n'ek is always crying with the sheets covering her body. She's usually facing away from p'ek.

    p'ek always believes every negative thing someone tells him about n'ek.
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  15. sarN

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    These are the solution for n'ek when a pregnancy occur , 10/10 She would not inform the p'ek

    #1 run away but not to somewhere p'ek can't find her , prefer at some beach/island/country side.

    #2 lie about the pregnancy as a stomach problem virus/flu/tumor or some unknown disease.

    #3 pin the baby on some other guy , mostly likely p'ek rival or one of her friend zone guys

    #4 announces the baby's daddy had die or the child was result from an asexual reproduction.

    #5 kept quiet until someone inform him & repeat #1 - #4
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  16. saki

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    Yes, I hate it when p'ek can't handle nrai. I like it when they're not afraid to tell nrai (or anyone else) to get lost - look coldly into their eyes and say, 'hey, i'm sick of you! Lol'
  17. Ruthy94

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    This thread is too funny.

    1. when the guns never run out of bullets
    2. The p'ek stands there like a log, when n'ek is being mocked/bullied
    3. It's not a lakorn with out guns.
  18. urassayas.philippines

    urassayas.philippines yaya is my goddess.

  19. AdeNike

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    That cycle is so freaking frustrating!! The funniest thing is everyone already has an idea who the father of the baby is, but of course not until the P'ek is told in clear, bold letters he has no idea he's the father of the unborn child.
  20. Cupid Candy

    Cupid Candy sarNie Coma

    P'ek is feeling cute and flirty and will joke around with n'ek about having a lot of kids (usually 8) and n'ek's response is usually to
    - ask him if he wants to raise a soccer team
    - she is not a mother pig/some animal that has lots of babies.
    - tells him that he wants too much (two or three is enough)
    - May or may not proceed to p'ek telling n'ek he wants to get started right now....LOL
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