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Discussion in 'Thai' started by Vimalee, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. x0unerthanlater

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    The one with Esther aired and ended already.

    He doesn't really participate in events that would help promote himself as an actor. Not if it's by choice or if ppl just didn't care to hire him for events? But like, Nakee gained lots of buzz but Ken P. faded away into the backdrop. He could have gotten so much recognition and receive offers for event showings but again, was it his choice not to or did he not get any offers? This is what I wonder.
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  2. lilyalana

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    thats so true. Nakee2 was talked talked a lot but i only see Nadech, Yaya and Taew getting the headlines everytime like all 4 of them were there in events but nobody seems to talked about him. Nadech and Yaya were understandable, but Taew gained alot of buzz too but Ken? its like nobody cares.
    what actually happened in behind the scenes i could only guess but i think maybe something did happened somehow
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  3. WeirFany

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    About Ken P
    He definitely had potential. I think it's his voice that doesn't really attract me to him. Lol i'm shallow

    But yeah hopefully, he's happy with his decisions. Seeing how much these two are now tied to three hip, I hope him and Esther ends up in marriage. Esther not renewing her contract was a blessing to her career. Not sure how it'll work out for Ken tho.
  4. jeanie1

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    Was the Ken/Ae Supachai breakup bad? If so, that could be why. Ae has a ton of power in the ET, a ton. I know people might say but Mai D still gets coverage. She went with her manager that used to work with Ae so her manager has a lot of the same connections too. Esther's mom is managing Ken right? Stage moms playing manager don't have that kind of pull.

    He's still a headliner at Ch3. He's always featured with the rest of the A-list crew at Ch3 big events. Esther was a supporting actress at Ch3 when she left so she had nothing to lose. Riskier move by Ken.
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  5. SuzieJ

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    I agree. I personally hate that celebs are given very little privacy in their lives but what did Matt expect to happen when she became an actress? Being photographed secretly by the public and the paparazzi comes with being famous unfortunately. Especially now that she’s big hot news cause of her Songkran scandal, more and more people are gonna try to sneak photos of her. That’s why I thought her post the other day, actually more so the caption she wrote was quite dumb. Everybody and their mama knows that Matt and Songkran are dating and not just “Pee Nong”. We all know Matt is pretty straight up about things most of the time so I think her writing that caption was pointless. I think she could’ve went without writing the caption cause now more and more people are gonna start hating on her and she really doesn’t need that right now.
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  6. SuzieJ

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    Slap and kiss would be my first choice for them lol but I doubt it will ever happen :crybaby2:
  7. BeLLa

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    Confirm. Ken p will not renew his contract with c3 Screenshot_2019-01-05-18-47-16.jpg
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  8. Estelle19

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  9. mymps03

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    Can this SK guy close his mouth or lower is upper lips for once? In every pic. that I see of him he always has that one mouth post, where his upper lip never close.
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  10. preetam

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    He can't smile for sh.t he is the male Peak
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  11. SuzieJ

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    Nooooo :risas3::risas3::pancarta:
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  12. Kay123

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  13. x0unerthanlater

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    5555 I just imagined it and it's dead on!
    Someone should do a mouth swap on them. :pancarta:
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  14. spanky

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  15. Katelyn

    Katelyn sarNie Oldmaid

    How true is this? OMG...The big boss said Matt will no longer work for Ch3 since Jan 5. Should check other news.
  16. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    What ??????? This better be false news or I’m literally gonna die :eek: Just when she’s starting to hit it big she messes it all up!!!!!!
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  17. byebye

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    Well, if it's true Matt should not be shock. She chose him over everything. She better hope he wants to marry her and not date her for 10 years then break up because he isn't interested. It's a shame to see her turned out like this because she finally made her way up there.

    Oh, well, she seemed content enough with him. He like literally shopped around for these celebrities girls yet they still fall for him. If the relationship doesn't work out I see Matt going to Norway for a few years and fade out like that.
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  18. Katelyn

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    It might be fake news. That's why we should see if there's other reports.
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  19. SuzieJ

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    I checked her hashtag on ig and also her tagged photo and videos there too and I don’t see anything related to her leaving ch3. All I see are photos of her and songkran. I think it may be false news
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  20. Katelyn

    Katelyn sarNie Oldmaid

    That would be so sad to end a career like that. He is so undeserving and he will move on when he gets bored.
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