❤ [True4U] Princess Hours (Halo Productions)


sarNie OldFart
Come on Ananda, be original. Stop it with the Korean remakes. He's remaking the Thai version of Princess Hours. Tao Sattaphong and Pattie Ungsumalynn will be paired for the first time. What are they? 12 years old? He's really going after the international fans with these remakes. It's easier to get recognized for his work when he remakes popular Korean dramas I guess. 
From KCL: @ หลังซีรีส์ “คิส มี” แล้ว ผู้จัด “อนันดา เอเวอริ่งแฮม” เตรียมทำ  “พริ้นเซส อาวส์” แว่วว่าพระ-นางได้ “เต๋า” เศรษฐพงษ์ และ “แพตตี้” อังศุมาลิน มาประกบคู่กันครั้งแรก


sarNie OldFart
Sigh...talented actor but lack original ideas. I understand one or maybe two but dang, he is going after all of them.

This is my all time favorite k drama...and the cast in Thai look miscast. She looks a little older than the pra'ek in the pic.


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I love Pattie and I think she'll fit teh role but have no idea who is Tao


sarNie Adult
Pattie is so pretty, but don't know who the guy is. I never watch kdramas so Im not interested, but happy Pattie's working with Ananda.


sarNie OldFart
At first I was afraid it'll be Mike/Aom. At least he found someone else. But the Pra'ek look so young. I thought JuJi Hoon was good in here ( I hope I spelled his name right it has been so long ago).

cool :)

sarNie Adult
I freaking love Pattie but I don't know who that guy is? And A remake of a korean drama..,,uhhh. If anything it'll be for Pattie lol.


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Princess Hours was the first KDrama I ever watched so I have an emotional attachment to it. I doubt this will be able to compare, but will watch to see how different it is :lol: 


sarNie Oldmaid
I like Tao, he is an AF. He is also in I wanna be supta with Push and Gypso.

But I have to agree with the constant KDrama remake.


sarNie Adult
Oh wow I really like these two
Pattie is 24 years old and Tao is 25 I believe. They both have baby faces especially Tao he looks really young
I do wish they were paired up for a fresh new lakorn, not a remake, and especially not a korean remake


sarNie Egg
I think Tao is ok bc he looked ok in Kiss Me. I think having a Thai version is a great idea! CHinese/Koreans/Japanese always have a version and I have always wanted to see a Thai version and wonder who will be casted. I'm pretty excited bc Full House and Kiss Me were good. I'm just glad that it is NOT MIke and Aom lol.