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    Other than those listed in the topic, others include

    Golf Anuwat
    Sara Legge
    Ice Athichanan
    Gwang Wanpiya (The Face Thailand Season 2)

    Confirmed by most of the stars listed via IG and GMM25
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    Do you know when the press conference will be for the new season of Club Friday?
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    According to GMM25, This Fridayy!

    Story 1: Puen Ruk Luer Khon Ruk (Best friend or lover) - Susie Legge, Toni Rakkaen, Four Sukolrat, Kwang The Face 2

    Girl's boyfriend will have a best friend that is a girl and spends too much time with her, gives her too much attention, and she is at the spot where she can't say anything or show jealousy since they are "just friends."
    Story 2: Tua Pragorp (Accessory/Prop/Extra) - Aom Phiyada, Smart Krisada, Lift Supoj, Ice Atchinan

    Girl's husband has a secretary that has been working with him for a long time and the truth is revealed that they have been having an affair, and the secretary is married. So, guy marries girls to make her a prop in his life so people won't be suspicious that he is having affair with his married secretary.
    Story 3: Hed Gerd Jark Kwarm Roo Seuk Pid (An issue that arose from guilt) - May Pichanart, Toy Pathompong, Jason Young,
    The person who cheated left for someone else and came back out of guilt. They did everything to try and fix it, but they realize the other person just wanted to take revenge for the past.
    Story 4: Kao Tur Lae Eak Khon (Them, you, and another person) - Art Pasut, Aof Pongsak, VJ Ja
    Love triangle between three people, guy has to decide between a girl and guy, so in the end they decide to live together to see who the man will choose. (Reminds me of Captain, Ake, and Noon S lakorn lol)
    Story 5: Ruk tee mai yark luerk (Love that doesn't want to choose) - Tangmo Pattrida, Golf Anuwat, Ying Ying Sarucha,
    A married couple both have affairs, but unwilling to choose to leave or not. ​

    Story 6: Ruk rao mai tao garn (Or love isn't equal) - Vee Violet, Kao Jirayu, Smile, Pangpon Akalavut
    Someone who loves someone, and does everything for that person, but that person does the same for another person.
    Story 7: Kwarm Rub (Secret) - Jakjaan Akhamsiri, Tao Sattaphong, Apple, Two Popetorn
    Girl gets pregnant after having affair but her child doesn't look like her husband. Husband doesn't know.

    Story 8: Ruk Rai (Bad love) - Ploy Cherman, Push Puttichai, Diew Arisara, Katreeya English, Chacha
    Married couple, husband asks for divorce, and his reason is cause he doesn't want to sink her financial because of his failing family business. The real thing was he divorced her to marry someone else and also have affairs with many other women.
    Story 9: Jeb Baep Mai Job (Pain that won't end) - Pei Arak, Gybzy Wanida
    A guy who falls in love with a masseuse, he invests everything into her and tries to give her a better life, but she still wants to be a masseuse.
    Story 10: Khon Tee Mai Yorm Rub (A person who doesn't accept) - Mark Chutavuth, Mo Monchanok,
    One day a gay guy was curios if he would be able to date a woman. He goes and posts asking if there are any girls who want to have a boyfriend that is gay. There is someone who is interested, he picks a girl, but he still wants men. ​

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    What’s this season about?
  5. Anonymous<3

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    Lots of stars this season.

    March Chutavuth & Mo Monchanok

    Toni Rakkaen, Sara Legge, Four Sakolrat & Gwang The Face

    Smart Krissada, Aom Phiyada, Lift Supoj & Ice Athichanon

    Kao Jirayu, Smile The Star & Pangpond Akalavut

    Golf Anuwat, Tangmo Pataratida & Yingying Sarucha

    May Pitchanart, Toy Pothompong, Jason Young & Pitta Na Pattalung

    Tu Pobtorn (not in picture), Jakjaan Akhamsiri, Tao Sattaphong & Apple The Star

    Push Puttichai, Ploy Chermarn, Katreeya English, Due Arisara & Chatcha Matcha

    cr to owners

    Art Phasut, Ja Natthaweeranuch & Aof Pongsak are also in one part

    and Pae Arak & Gypzy Wanida are in another part.

    The theme seems to be "Ruk Nok Jai" which translates to "unfaithful".

    Press conference:

    cr: gmm25thailand
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    So all storyline will be related to unfaithfulness, perhaps?
  7. Anonymous<3

    Anonymous<3 TooMo/TamMo = a matchmade in lakorn heaven ♥

    Yeah, seems like it. The trailer for Toni and Sara's part shows Toni cheating on Sara with Four and Gwang. It also seems like March will be playing a gay guy so he'll probably marry or date Mo, but then cheat on her with a man.
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    @HNA0 yup. if it weren't for the cast, i'd probably skip it. what's the deal with all the cheating storylines? god. is that what sells in thailand nowadays? :eek:

    go away with that "this is real life" speal. club friday is just picking the most messed up the stories, and it gets more messed up every season. oh guy who sleeps with his adoptive daughter, co-worker, etc... WTF they chose to run that for a full 8 episodes, too.
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    I've been bsy working on the summary lol and just updated the first post with it.
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    Sara's character best kick that boyfriend to the curb. Close friendships are fine, but that girl is pure shade.
  12. 72701

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    The only one who wins in this story is the guy. If someone cheats on their significant other for you, chances are they're gonna cheat on you, too.
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    Yuh, I don't get that mentality of girls or guys for that matter. What is there to be proud of when you win the person who cheated on their SO for you. You're going to be the next person they dump, when the next pretty or handsome person comes by lol.
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    And when they don't cheat, it's because they can't. Not because they're loyal. I've actually seen a couple try to cheat on each other, but the other people weren't interested. :confused:
  15. xcinsationalx

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    LMAO, I'm sorry this is pretty funny. Like naw, no one wants your cheating ass lol
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