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Discussion in 'Thai' started by cecilia, Dec 8, 2012.

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    Hi everyone. I made the Indonesian subtitle for this lakorn for the first two episodes (my first Indonesian subtitles for lakorn was Samee, you can download it in subscene), and I had started it since last year. But unfortunately, because of some reason I chose to cancel it :cry: :cry: .
    Right now I have a desire to continue my work and I really hope that I can finish it. I was just check my Ruk Tong Oom file, and found out that I didn't have the last five episodes in English subtitle. When I tried to google it, I didn't have any link for the episodes, even ini viki. So, I'm wondering if there are some of you who can give me the link for the English sub of RTO episodes 11-15, or all episodes would be nice. Thank you in advance, and I really appreciate your help :)
  2. Step

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    Roy Marn (Bargie) is not there in viki. Is there other links?
  3. What about Nakee? Does anyone know where I can watch it with English subs? The Dailymotion subber stopped at ep 3? Thanks! We appreciate the hard work tho!
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    Hello .Can someone sub thai lakorn Mae Ai ser Un (2004) ?
    please, I was searching for this drama all this time but had no sub :crybaby2::crybaby2:
    Please reply if someone can do it :(
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  6. Kelsea

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    Thank you to everyone who has done subtitles! You are all heroes to us non Thai speaking fans!
    Is anyone available to finish subbing Raeng Tawan epiaodea 7 to finale?
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    any new sites for English Subbed Thai Lakorns? (Preferably Bhuppae Sunnivas) XD
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    Try this if you're still interested.

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    Does anyone know where I can watch luerd kattiya eng sub? I can only find it up to episode 8.

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