❤ [CH8]Sin Lai Hong (Dee Keun Dee Wan) : Nike Nitidon/Knomjean/Nussaba/Tong P/Colonel Bird

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    the girls look like they have a tummy lol
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    This is actually good. I feel like if it was another channel, it would be a ground breaking role for Baitoey. I feel like this lakorn will generate memes hahahha.

    In the last life, Baitoey got her head chopped off by the royals (Nussaba, Nike, Knom Jean, Colonel Bird). She put a curse on them before getting her head cut off that in the next life for her to have the upper hand. Basically, for her dad (Colonel Bird) to be broken hearted by her constantly, for her mom (Nussaba) to prepare her clothing and die from her hands, for her sister (Knom Jean) to get everything taken away from her, and for Nike to love her and only her in the next life time. This all comes true! Baitoey is crazy hahaha I like her in here.
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    Sounds crazy. Why did her own family command her head get chopped off anyway? Is she the child of a slave or something? I'm still on the fence about watching this, because Nike is always playing some male ho. The dramas he's in are too much girls psychotically fighting over him.
  7. CPY

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    so zaap! Baitoey nails it tho
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    In the past life, Baitoey wasn't related to them I don't think. But when she reborns, she's part of their family. I need to watch more -- the flashbacks are minimal in the first two episodes to explain everything haha. Nike is actually not a male whore in here hahahha surprisngly... well so far. I don't know if later but basically he's a WIMP. Head over heels for Baitoey's character. Can't like anyone else. Looks sad all the time lol
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    I just recently started watching channel 8 lakorns. I was watching Namtan lakorn and it finally finished. This one is interesting so far too! Is Baitoey the main n’ek?
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    I think she might have been related to them because she referred to everyone except Noos character as parent or Sibling. She referred to colonel bird as dad. She referred to Knomjean as Euy/sister and Nike as Ai/bro
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    There will be some black magic and hot scenes soon. I think the maid with Baitoey knew about Sin Lai Hong and sort of vengeful?
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    You’re right! I watched more of it. I think they’re half siblings. I have a feeling Tong is her real mom in the last life. I haven’t seen her appear in the last life yet hahah but in the present life Tong is basically like her mom! Btw Tong is doing great. She really looks like she has a hunch back hahah
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    She’s basically the main nang aek! I like to say “nang aek rai”. Lol. I think they always have to have a “goody” nang aek and I think that’s the third girl. Her other sister lol idk her name haha
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