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    :wub: is all I have to say for now. I cannot wait for Mondays and Tuesdays because of this lakorn lol.
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    #mookmikmookmik ! They are so stinking cute.
    Mookda is rocking her character. There's so much sass and assertiveness in her interactions with everyone. I teared up a bit when she was sick and calling for her mom and dad in her dreams, Mook's crying was so sad and made me really sympathetic of Mussaya. There's no way two people out of the entire household can make her feel like she belongs. The nannies and younger cousins are sweet but they have no power against the baddies.

    Penchom in here seems not as cocky and mean like in Andrew's version. Hope it stays that way.

    Excited to see Lak start falling for Mussaya. How can anyone not love her!

    I saw an Ig video of Mik practicing speaking Malay, and he is trying to say, "I want us to speak the same language." So I am guessing eventually Lak does something dumb (probably breaking up with her to make granny happy), Mussaya decides she's done with him and his crazy family, then he goes groveling to her and tries to learn her Malay culture. I am here for this! Muahahaha.
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    Lak's love expression for her at the pool makes me smile. She doesn't even realized how pretty she is when she was in her swim wear. She was oblivious to the men around her taking pics and all while Lak trying to cover her up and hide what he knows should be his only lol

    Mookda gives life to Massya that Bua didn't really succeed. Bua was kind of soft while Mookda just come alive. She is quick, witty and knows herself. Lak, in the old version didn't show this much puppy look. In Andrew's version there wasn't much romance...but here they give us enough to want more and we all can see Lak has feelings for her early on.

    My only concern is when they make Lak disappeared for a bit how are they going to quickly wrap up the departure of them. I don't want it to drag on when it comes to that point.
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    They are so cute together!!! Mookda seems so young and she doesn't have much experiences in action but she does it so good. Mussaya is a little girl trying to grow up. She's strong, brave, willing to fight for the things she loves and believes to be right, but never lose her charm. Like a sexy feminist, you want her, but never dare to belittle her.

    Btw, Penchom is so tall, huh. Next to her, Mussaya really looks like a kid. Haha
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    I like how Mookda can act childish without doing that super annoying breathy high voice thing that most do. I'm not talking about the girls who naturally have high squeaky voice but the ones that talk in that baby voice on purpose to be cute and childish. I hear it in real life too and it's not cute to me. Sounds more like you're a little slow...

    See isn't Mik so much more shippable in non-action lakorns? I wish Mai and Baifern was still with Ch7, would've loved to see him with those 2.
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    LOL, I totally know what you mean! I think with her it comes out naturally...
    It's cute enough not over doing so!

    Yes, I think he's doing good in a normal role besides action. I love the height differences.

    I'm glad they didn't make it boring like the last version.
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    If Mai was still with Ch. 7, I think she would have been a strong contender for the role of Mussaya. I do wish to see her pair with Mik one day. Sigh.

    Anyway, I am head over heels for Mookda's Mussaya.
    Too bad the girl is watched over like she's fresh,meat to vultures. Can't wear a swim suit at a public pool? The heck...
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    I was smiling away when Lak was eyeing the girls walking by but when the other guys drooling over Massaya he was like, nope...cover up girl lol

    But their relationship is rather sweet. At this stage, I feel like Lak is her best friend. I mean, there's not a whole lot of people where she can trust. But her emotions are starting to blend together. Love that she has no time for BS from anyone including Lak. If she isn't at fault girl can let her claws out.
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    Yeah, I like how Mussaya is written on this version. She is self-aware and doesn't waste time feeling bad about things that aren't her fault; even about her growing crush on Lak, she doesn't stop treating him like a friend and brother. She holds him accountable as her "protector."
    She gives so much sincerity in everything she says and does, from her worrying about Lak coming home late, to her getting fed up with the aunt.
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    So I was thinking of starting this one, but I just went and read the synopsis. Are p'ek and n'ek somehow related?
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    Not really. Her father was adopted by his grandmother. They never seen each other before.
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    Beautiful mvs.

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    Watching this lakorn and it is actually good ! I am episode 3 and i love how Mik character is classy and a Gentleman. For the first time I find him very appealing. Mookda is cute and her acting and emoting is fine as a newbie. She is doing good. I don't find her especially pretty unlike the girl acting PenChom but she is cute and fits the character. Penchom and NongPhot are so lovely too ! I like classy, glowing and warm second leads like Vicky character in her lakorn with Matt. I even like the OST of the lakorn. Usually I don't pay attention to lakorn music themes (except for Plerng ruk Bpa Puen Tak) but this one I even find myself singing the "Massya oh Massya" part it feels warm even simple. Now I understand why the lakorn is so liked. Massaya still looks and feels too kiddy for Mik character and so far one can see he has no love feeling for her and I relate so I hope their chem will feel less brother and sister in the next episode. Also the teacher is so funny ! XD
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    Waiting for subs for episode 4 is the hardest thing ever :sad6:
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    the sub is finally up until part3 will watch it later after work
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    such a dictator grandma

    hmm they need to hurry up makes me feel the man woman attraction cause i still only feel brother/sister vibe and i f i continu feeling like this i think i will start feel bored so i hope the spark will happen to me
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    Screaming, I saw an instagram photo of them kissing! Cant wait to watch today's episode! I am patient and enjoy a slow developing love for Mussaya and Lak since they are adorable.
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    can you share the link please

    i'm still wondering why are they putting this scenes infornt of mussaya over and over again it's changing nothing so at this point this ep 4 i can say most part of it was useless in a way , cause nothing changed on lak he is still see and treat her like his little sister she is the only one here suffering and confused on her own
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