❤ [CH7] Khun Noo Ruen Lek (Dara Video): Thanwa Suriyajak/Pupe Kessarin

Discussion in '2018' started by Maricon, May 12, 2017.

  1. Maricon

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    Credits to louis_daravdo

  2. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

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  3. SuzieJ

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    I’m so confused as to what this is about lol the teaser is all over the place
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  4. spanky

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    Me too lol

    At 1st It seems like inheritance fighting

    Her dad is murdered

    Now wtf a ghost? Hahaha
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  5. SuzieJ

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    here’s the plot:
    The female lead was studying abroad. Her father dies under obscure circumstances, so the girl hastily has to return home to Thailand. She tries to solve the mystery of her father's death with the help of a lawyer, who was her father's adoptive son. They get closer to each other and their relationship eventually turns into love.
    (Source: MyDramaList)
  6. clee95

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    i think i am going to drop this lakorn lol. This is all over the place, the ghost add nothing to the storyline when it already has so many plotlines going on in this lakorn already. This needs to decide whether it wants to be a comedy or serious/mystery lakorn. The female needs to improve her acting too, some scenes are so bad.

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