❤ [CH3] Tra Barp See Chompoo (Love Drama Company): Pon Nawasch/Bua Wansiri

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  1. _mLove_

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    There are the lakorns where the n'ek runs away all the time and there's this one. Pon wears the dress in this one. :risas3: He can't even take a little joke. :facepalm::fighting3:
  2. spanky

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    Omg he is waaay to damn sensitive. He need to smoke some weed! Hahaha


    I didn't notice since I stop watching when he came back and blame...blame..blame
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  3. Nature100

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    Heeeeyyyyy cn any1 tell me how much rating did it got
  4. alissaax

    alissaax Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡

    The last ep was 3.8 i think
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  8. ImQueen

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    Thanks! He's getting recognition! I'm so happy for him.
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  9. Suiiiilove90

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    Just finished reading the weirdly Google translated version of the novel.
    - The novel has so many scenes with more characters, I think if they really bring the storyline there we would have like 40 episodes at least
    - Kiew fought back so many times but fails. Sigh, she had loved Pete all her life
    - Pete had some serious rivals who really care for Kiew but he won in the end LOL
    - All the kisses and willing scenes hahahahahhaha
    - My dear Google translator calls Pete as "Rainy season" LOL
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  10. kalla

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    Guys... I am new and so late, but I love pon and bua. watching this lakorn till the end and going crazy because of pete rages. hoping both pon, especially bua will get more leading role in the future, (she deserves it, her acting more reserved and prominent than the others nang'ek I have been watching). for Pon, he will surely will get more attention after this lakorn, his presence as pra'ek really stand out, it weirdly to see him as a second lead in his upcoming lakorns.
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  11. ImQueen

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  12. alissaax

    alissaax Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡

  13. Suiiiilove90

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    They are going to have another drama together soon. Shooting will be in 2019 and on air in 2020.
    I am waiting for more information and confirmation.
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  14. ImQueen

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    Wow, I knew they'd be collaborating again, but it's so soon. LOL.
  15. mayday

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    If u don’t mind, can u post the link to the website? I really want to read the novel :angel10:
  16. Suiiiilove90

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  17. mayday

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  18. ABG

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    I was anticipating this lakorn after seeing Bua's previous lakorn, and I thought Pon was cute. But I didn't watch it immediately because I was skeptical after seeing some snippets on ig, I thought it'd be boring. But, I'm so glad I started watching it and it's finished, so I don't have to wait for the episodes to come out!

    I've just finished episode 7 and so far, I like all the characters. Yes, including Chaya. I love their friendship, the ups and downs and the cute scenes between the leads. But I stupidly checked out the pics on ig and came across the drama to be unfolded and did not expect it to turn out that way. I'll still watch it.

    My original thought was that Chris' personality would definitely win any girl. He's such a nice guy. And in reality, even I would probably like him. Even though I would find Pete more attractive . Pon has such a cute smile. I like the other friend who smiles a lot too. He seems like fun. I didn't mind the scenes between him and Pa.

    Have any of you checked out Pon's ig acc? I scrolled to his earlier pics and he looks so different now. I love how people look so average when they're a kid and grow up to be so stunning.
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  19. ABG

    ABG sarNie Egg

    I forgot to add, sometimes Pon resembles a young Kade Tarntup. I was never a fan of Kade and always wondered why so many people like him, even Noon W. But, Pon is much more handsome.
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  20. ABG

    ABG sarNie Egg

    Noone comes here anymore? I just finished watching it and really enjoyed it. Yes, some parts were nonsense, but all the sweet scenes made me smile. I haven't done that in ages! Plus, I'm really liking Pon. He has a really nice smile and his acting and facial expressions were really good for someone new. On top of that, the kissing scenes were not awkward between the both of them. I hope he can continue to get more interesting lakorn and I anticipate his and Nychaa's lakorn. I know people want him and Bua to pair again, but I want to see him with someone else. I started to think Bua looked older than him when she graduated and worked, mainly her hair and outfit made her look older. Anyway, two thumbs up from me!
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