❤[CH3] Sai Tarn Hua Jai (Makers Group) : James Ma/Mint Chalida / Alex Rendel /Prim Prima / Carissa S


sarNie Oldmaid
Can't wait for this lakorn to air!!! Is there anyone who's planning to sub this lakorn? Nice to see James Ma and Mint together again.


sarNie Oldmaid
Yeah, James seems to be taking a lot of hits and slaps in this lakorn lol. But I am happy to see that Mint's character is not about to be some major push over.


sarNie Adult
I'm sure someone will sub this, it's Mint & James together again.

IDK what to make of the story though from the teaser ...


sarNie OldFart
of course they dramatize it as usual....and there's no illusion that khun ying is "innocent", in the original...she was a very "strawberry."