❤ [CH3] Pee Kaew Nang Hong (Maker J) : Grate Warintorn/Bella Ranee


sarNie OldFart
I wouldn't mind either pairing at all. But yes, I do agree with you on that that Prima with New and Alex with Kao is cuter. Hahahha.
Hopefully, we'll see more of both couples in the future. I mean Alex and Kao made a huge hit on the whole couple thing.
New was there to promote his movie? I saw a few posts but I didn't know what it was exactly.
I would like to see New and Kao do a lakorn together! Ive seen pictures of them together and they look cute!

Cr. To rightful owners


I know!!! It seriously ridiculous :mad: He is handsome, a good actor, and has a nice personality! Idk why they don’t see the potential in him. But tbh, Ch3 doesn’t promote their newbie boys that good at all. The only newbies boys they actually are promoting okay are Masu and Nine. They seem more focused on the newbie actresses.
Ch3 is sleeping on new ...
I am still surprised they have not promoted him yet when he already has a famous manger and a good actor also the look the channel want.