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  1. Xiongurl26

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    Haha oh lord. KT and Nai are both softies but jealous men.Don’t you just find them cute though? Lol. NDFD was good in my opinion though execution could have been better but welcome back to the reincarnation of KT & MM. :pancarta:

    Ahhh so tempted to click on those spoilers!
  2. KitKat516

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    If not then Nai will calm her storm. Lol
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  3. 040156

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    I actually like Khanthong more than Nai hahaha am I a weirdo? More weird i guess is that i want to mother both of them than be a lover. Hahaha.

    I have a fanfic idea @SPMxoxo97 when Khanthong gets a near death experience right, what if he wakes up in Nai's body after he faints after saving Nok in episode 1, and Nai wakes up in Khanthong's body. What will happen? :risas3:
  4. MKfan132

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    I am going to bed now, night everyone! :).
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  5. bun-bun

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    I haven't watch NDFD and wasn't planning too. But couldn't help finding it so funny when you guys mentiom that Nai and Nok are the reincarnation of the pranang'ek of NDFD. Hhahaha. Brilliant! When was NDFD aired? I know before this was Yadech's lakorn isn't it? Or is it not? Guilty of not being a fan of Yadech.
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  6. bun-bun

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    Nai...t, nai...t
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  7. bun-bun

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    Disturbing. Hehehe... oh well if Tawat, a man as old as Kae's mom could be her lover... than why be prejudice?
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  8. S.J.M

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    Well, I don’t know yet if they will continue or not they subbed until episode 4, we have to just wait if they choose to continue or not, but if you have Facebook please report this group https://m.facebook.com/Eng-Sub-Thai-Lakorn-Fans-1773106436105096/
    This group stole the works of thippy & nekow, basically every lakorn they get their hand on.
  9. Xiaoboicejj

    Xiaoboicejj Here for จิจิ

    May I repost this?
  10. bun-bun

    bun-bun sarNie Adult

    A good theory. But I guess Nai is like Pit (from the lakorn between Kim and Nadech, Rang Pratana) where he has loved Thae since he they were kids but when they were away to study (I guess, can't remember) he began a relationship with what's-her-name. When they were almost divorced, he admitted that he had always love her. Quite similar though. Different because Pit wasn't as attentive and flirty as Nai.

    I don't think it's 10 years gap. Maybe 5 is maximum (postulating that when they were kids, Nok has a really early puberty and Nai has a really late puberty. Lol).

    Coz if Nai is 30 now, meaning he had loved Nok who was 10 when he was 20?! Disturbing.

    Assuming that Nok is now 25/26 (she did her postgrad and internship) meaning Nai has loved her since she was 15/16. Nai could be 19 (in college, met Kae) or 21 (broke up with Kae). A much more appropriate age to fell in love with underage. Hahaha..

    So I'd say Nok is 25/26 and Nai is 29 or max 31.
  11. bun-bun

    bun-bun sarNie Adult

    Apple doesn't fall far from the tree they say. Like grandma like grandaughter.
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  12. bun-bun

    bun-bun sarNie Adult

    The circle of life! Amazing! Thanks for drawing up the chain for us!

    Nok said that?! Woah. Yeah it's cruel but from her point of view, she's utterly broken hearted. She has opened up her heart to him, defended him when grandma bashed him, trusted him to the point she asked for his opinion with work, saw his attractive side, believing that he's nice, sincere and meant all the good things to her... but that one secret just erased everything, every new feelings she had. Not only she thought he conspired with Kae... but all the kindness are fake and he is indeed a "trash" that wants to become a crystal ornament by painting himself with glitters that tricked her.

    Sure she has already fallen for him, and she's jealous of him and Kae, but that just further fuel the hatred because she's not supposed to feel jealous at all! She originally is supposed to not have any feelings for him but only hatred. She wants to get rid of that jealous feeling by hurting him more and more. She thinks that could restore and reset everything back - she working hard to get her parents together, get rid of Kae, get rid of Nai and most importantly have no feelings for Nai. That obviously wouldn't work, coz all four rooms in her heart has already been covered with posters of Nai's smiles, eyes, warmth, quote, the biggest poster is of course that smexy drenched Nai looking into the sky, welcoming the rain. She thinks that she could ripped those posters? Yeah she can. But in doing so, the super glued posters will ripped her heart as well... oh my, I am super sentimental and poetical tonight, that I even amaze myself (VAIN!)

    I do pity Nai... but I am all fired up to side with Nok to be brutal and ruthless to all who is in her way. Muahahaha...
  13. bun-bun

    bun-bun sarNie Adult

    I hope they'll still continue. Sigh. But Ch3 allowed the subbers to sub the OST. Why not try subbing the videos on Ch3 youtube channel? Have they tried?
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  14. Koala2601

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    Anyone, pls spoil something from the novel in the meantime we await for ep 7 & 8???? plss
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  15. toasty

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    Wow I just notice GS story is a little bit similar to RP but better. Childhood friendship then lovers. But Nai is smarter and fairer than Pit. Pit only trusted his girlfriend and he would yell at Thae because he only listened to his girlfriend. And omg no no no lol lmao, I didn't mean that Nai is 10 years older than Nok. Nai said (I think it was in episode 6) that he has been waiting for Nok for 10 years so I meant that he has been loving Nok for 10 years after Khae dumped him (if that's the case). So maybe from 21 to 31 years old? Lol I'm even more confused now cuz I don't think Nai is more than 30, he's probably 29 at the most.
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  16. bun-bun

    bun-bun sarNie Adult

    Oh no no that 10 years age gap I was not referring to your post, it's by someone else. I was too lazy.

    He is like Pit. He loves her since before he met Kae. Thought Nok is too far fetch, and Kae is a more suitable choice. Lol Kae looks like a mere mortal while Nok to Nai's view is a goddess that only Zeus can have. Hahahah
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  17. bun-bun

    bun-bun sarNie Adult

    Ok, I am having a GS fever as high as I was when watching KC, Poo Wised and BH. I have been studying the trend of the subbers' trend of uploading. Tomorrow should be D-day or maybe Saturday. If it's not than... let's sob together and curse you thieves!
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  18. twister02

    twister02 M♥K

    I also love Khantong over Nai. I love his brain.

    I love this idea for a fanfic :lol:
    Imagine the shock of Nai to see Nok in Ayuttaya era only to realize it's not Nok.
  19. twister02

    twister02 M♥K

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  20. Suziex562

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    Even though it might be heart breaking, I can’t wait to see this scene. This scene will be emotional for sure especially since Taew is a good actress. :sad6:
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