❤ [CH3] Chart Suer Pun Mungkorn (TV Scene): James Ma/Diana Flipo


Sorry to be the one break the news but James Ma next lakorn with Yaya always a Chinese role but in that lakorn a doctor hahah.
I know that’s why I’m like seriously?! Ahhh, that’s not how you help an actor grow. Poor script and roles. No Problem is a good production, they’re not that horrible, but it’s their crazy nonsense and lame plots that doesn’t cut it. :nut:

I don't like him in the chines style roles either but him wearing glasses is cute. i can dig that lol
Hahahha. I didn’t even realize he’s wearing glasses, lol. So yes. Will keep an eye on that.

Her behind is ok but her front is too flat. Lol. ;)
Girl, it’s okay. You can’t have everything. Lol. Haha.

Do you girls think JMA looks Chinese?
Yes, he looks very Chinese to me, moreso than Thai. But the problem is I don’t need to see him play every Chinese related roles ya know?! He can be other characters too.


Oh well, I’m def peeking at this one and see where it takes me. Wanna check out Diana badly too, so hopefully this lakorn will last me.;)


sarNie Oldmaid
Kim had no chemistry with James and Ann Lakorn was as usual good visual shitty substance. Kah Badin is his latest good lakorn so far. His one with Jeena has 0 interest. I don
That lakorn that Ann directed would have been good if she didn’t add too many drama into it. The original with Joy and Pol had a good balance of comedy and drama. It was a lite romantic lakorn. I love the original, but couldn’t watch the remake James Ma and Kim version.


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I saw that M will sub this lakorn but now I think they won't sub it. Anyone know why? I was so excited to see this lakorn with subs. :(

I really hate those people who stole subs. They are the worst.


sarNie Adult
Jma is half chinese I think so he does kind of have a chinese look somewhat. The chinese outfit style just make him looks old. That's why I'm not big on it.


Jma is half chinese I think so he does kind of have a chinese look somewhat. The chinese outfit style just make him looks old. That's why I'm not big on it.
Lol. Yes some outfits make one looks “older”.


Wow these two look great together! Like you said, Diana doesn’t look plain here! She actually looks stunning
Diana’s eyes look exotic there. Yes, if only this was a more modern set lakorn, they don’t make a bad pair at all. There’s many many good looking ch3 girls, but very few good looking guys. It takes a good looking guy to bring out the girl’s Charm lol ;)



sarNie Adult
Oh gosh, I think I might be the only one here who thinks Kim and James have amazing chemistry in PCKNMCPW :lol: They were the reason I fought through the lakorn. I agree with PCKNMCPW being just horribly written though. That drama makes me question Anne's ability to produce dramas. The only lakorn under her production that I watched from beginning to end was her very first one with Kim and Mark. After that none of her work were good, even though the one with Pope and Ploy was okay, but I didn't finished that one either.

James and Diana look amazing here. I have this soft spot for Diana after watching her in that lakorn with Pope. They actually have really great chemistry in that lakorn, even though Pope's character was annoying and quite unlikable.

I hope this get subbed though.


sarNie Hatchling
I kept hearing JMA hasn’t had good lakorns lately. I guess there are many takes to this poorly job of him. But I also agree to a limit that when pair with stronger actors/actresses one can learn and improve faster. I cannot wait for JMA to pair with Taew. She’s a hard worker. Many praises her talent. JMA will surely learn with her! I also agree most of JMA’s co-stars up to date are either weaker actresses or very decent only. Maybe Matt and Kim were the stronger ones but even then their lakorns weren’t exceptionally break through roles for either parties. Correct me someone? ;) @Xiongurl26 @xodxo @byebye
Honestly, I think the Kha Badin and the lakorn with Kim pushed James fame really high. On Twitter and Panthip people were really hyped about
both lakorns and James acting. I guess I was one of the very few that liked JMA playing with Kim. I do agree that Taew will definitely help him
improve as long as they have a good story plot and I wouldn't mind seeing him with Mew, Kao, or Bella (even though their appearance might
not be too compatible it could challenge both actor and actress to make the chemistry work).


sarNie OldFart
I can't wait to watch this lakorn. There are so many daras in here. Especially those who have
worked with JMA a couple of times too. Especially, Kik, then Saimai playing rai again, then Yoghurt.
I am waiting t o see how Nattawin plays his character. Ball is evil in here?

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Oh my goodness! There’s too many supporting characters lol


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Oh dear gosh. I didn't realize how many side characters there were. I was excited to see JMa, Ball, and Apo but there's so many others. I'm ok with Diana so I don't mind but Idk how I feel about Yoghurt. She's got me annoyed now with her role in DJNFN. Ughhh it cannot be replaced lmao.


Oh gosh been running around all day long doing Xmas and thanksgiving shopping that I barley just got home!! Hu! Anyhow, has anyone watched yet? How’s first ep? I prob won’t start right away, it’s been so busy around here! Share your thoughts!