❤ [CH3] Chart Suer Pun Mungkorn (TV Scene): James Ma/Diana Flipo

Discussion in '2018' started by krisayaporn, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. DaoRisa

    DaoRisa sarNie Adult

    A new one from JMa...I like him a lot and don't want to miss any of his dramas. Really want to see him with Yam or Pat, and I don't mind to see him my Kimberly again.
  2. Pooh4ever

    Pooh4ever sarNie Adult

    Wait the first IG pic, is that a fitting pic? They look so cute together! Awe, I wish there are more though. So this is a modern drama then, right? Yeah! I'm all for modern lakorn lol.
  3. Jacy

    Jacy sarNie Hatchling

    I don't think Mew is confirm to be here... Right now tv scene has 3 on-going project that is Akom, Petch Klang Fai and Chuamong Tong Mon. Maybe in 2017 then only this lakorn will start to take place. In this time maybe Mew will get replace if her queue is not available. However things may change... Maybe both Jma and Mew will accept this lakorn... Or maybe fall to other actor and actress...
  4. enzek

    enzek sarNie Adult

    i don't know when that first pics was taken. i'm just searching for more update about this lakorn in the IG & that pics pop out after i search the tag "ชาติเสือพันธุ์มังกร" (chart seur mung korn) or according the google translate, tiger breeds dragon, so i post it here LOL:p

    and i'm try googling what the sentences "แอบลุ้นคู่นี้ว่าจะได้ป๊ะหน้ากันหรือไม่" on the IG mean. google translate said:
    "I win this it will cover or not."o_O don't have any idea what that mean:nut:

    hope someone who know thai can tell me what that mean actually LOL but to me it don't look like fitting pic tho.

    as for the setting for this lakorn, i don't know but i inclined to feel that this gonna be period lakorn like khun chai ronnapee based on the synopsis. actually i hope for james & mew in modern lakorn:(
  5. enzek

    enzek sarNie Adult

    i think this lakorn is 2017 project coz james seem will get busy with his other lakorn so for now i will just post james & mew pics together that i see as much as i can here.

    this is cute:) i'm want to see their official fitting pics but i prefer them to act in modern lakorn:(


    what is she trying to do to him LOL


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  6. Jacy

    Jacy sarNie Hatchling

    I think this lakorn suitable for period.. Like MLM Series... Hopefully they make it beautifully....
  7. enzek

    enzek sarNie Adult

  8. kodocha

    kodocha sarNie Juvenile

    their height soooooooooooo cute;););)
  9. enzek

    enzek sarNie Adult

    yeah james & mew so cute! i'm really excited for their fitting pics for this lakorn!
  10. Step

    Step Mrs James Ma

    They are old pic for ch 3 event
  11. Step

    Step Mrs James Ma

    I feel sad cos no confirmation of Mew yet. I think it will be with other actress as she is busy. I wanted to see them together.
  12. enzek

    enzek sarNie Adult

    other actress? i feel half happy & half sad if this is true.
    sad coz i want to see mew pair with james ma but happy coz actually i prefer them in modern lakorn.
  13. Step

    Step Mrs James Ma

    Same here. I like Mew after her lakorn with Nadech so much. Hope these 2 get to be in a romantic drama.
  14. Maricon

    Maricon sarNie Oldmaid

  15. xcinsationalx

    xcinsationalx sarNie Adult

    I haven't really watched much Diana but from what I've seem I'm no impressed with her acting yet. I think she got promoted too quickly. But hopefully this lakorn does well for James' sake.
  16. mewninii

    mewninii sarNie Egg

    Sorry to all the Diana fans but oh nooo please not Diana
    I can't stand her acting at all... she needs to go back to secondary roles before becoming nang'ek honestly
    Yes, i understand she's pretty but I can't stand her delivery of lines at alllll... she's super awkward to look at... and I find her smile weird...
    Plus she's got no chemistry with anyone I've seen with her so far, more like the actors are doing all the work
    James still hasn't paired up with so many good actresses so why??
    Definitely a pass if it's her, even though I love James
  17. stargazer13

    stargazer13 sarNie Egg

    Yay! Another James Ma lakorn coming! The only lakorn I've seen of Diana is her recent one with Pope, Leud Rak Torranong. Honestly I love Pope and her character Kratin(so righteous), but for some reason I became uninterested in the lakorn.
    @mewninii I agree after watching LRT, Diana has an awkward way of delivering lines, she needs help with that. I think I might give her another try because LRT was my first lakorn of Diana, but if she doesn't impress, I'll just watch my bae, JMA.
  18. patesserie

    patesserie sarNie Hatchling

    That article says .. ..

    For TV Scene's 25th anniversary, J'Pin is entrusting fans with the lakorn Arkom (fantasy), Phet Klang Fai (period), Chua Mohng Dtong Mon (comedy), Neung Dao Fah Diew (historial period) and Chaat Seua Pan Mongkorn. Three of these lakorns have already opened production with the remaining two to follow. Neung Dao Fah Diew will be James Jirayu pairing with Taew Nattapohn along with Aum Atichart in the role of Prajao Thak, directed by Fiw Gitdtisak. As for Chaat Seua Pan Mongkorn will be James Ma with Diana Flipo directed by Num Ataporn.

    The rest of it is just talking about Sophie from Ch7. I guess the time has come where Aum is playing supporting to the younger generation. Iunno how i feel about Diana as a nang aek paired with James Ma. There are other actresses who are more compatible with James and could use the extra push like Chippy, Yiiwa, Yam and Patricia.

    Btw this will be the very last time I translate anything on this forum lol. No point in translating something when ppl don't appreciate it or show respect towards you.
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  19. P'SweetXin

    P'SweetXin sarNie Hatchling

    It seems this lakorn started their fitting/filming already! :)
    Diana and James look so nice together. I know many people dislike Diana for whatever reasons, but I actually thought her acting in LRT was great for a starter actress. I also believe she can improve in the future. :D

    And OMG! James Ma just made an official IG account:

    He likes to write in english, so I feel like YAY..finally someone who can connect with his international fans and not just Thai fans. Haha love it! XD






    All Credit of Photos to original owners. Just sharing! :)


    And if I am correct this is Samai!
    All Photos belong to original owners. Just sharing! :)
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  20. x.ATKD.x

    x.ATKD.x sarNie Adult

    I just can't warm up to Diana no matter how many times I see her, I don't believe in her abilities nor do I get "lead heroine" vibes from her either. The girl has to pull something drastic out of her bag for me to change my mind.

    I follow James on IG & saw his updates on this, I like the fact his busy, in demand & continuing to work with different co-stars. Picture #6 above reminds me of Ken.T abit from the Mafia series lol. Also it'll be nice seeing him reunite with Saimai after Ka Badin.

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