❤[Ch3] Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (Broadcast Thai) : Pope Thanawat / Bella Ranee

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    I'm snooping around obviously. Came across Susie's Instagram. Definitely seems like she's a party girl with a bit of a wild streak, not saying it's bad though haha

    In my eyes, she's prettier in lakorns then she is in personal selfie pictures and etc. Maybe it's the makeup... can't say.

    Sharing these too just in case it hasn't been shared.

    I'm assuming the two boys are hers and Louis'. Sorry if it's been posted. Thread moving fast, I could've missed it. Only remembered seeing the twins and daughters.

    Credit: Susie Instagram

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    Omggg th little girl is soo cuteee
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  3. MKfan132

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    Aww that little girl is so cute.
  4. pangiaxiong

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    I'm slow but who is got?
  5. milquety

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    The funniest scene to me in that same episode is the scene where Date took Kade to talk to his dad about marriage. Laughed my ass off. Because Date was obviously being a lil shit, knowing it will get him what he wants without saying it directly. xD Meanwhile, the period scene was more sweet and cute - though still hilarious, because of how concerned Date was. He's a softie inside~ I just find it extremely amusing whenever Date looks super lost over Kade's shenanigans in general. :p
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  6. geestory

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    Got Jirayu

    I think he's in the same boat as Reung; the one with the mustache
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    Wow! So many updates. This lakorn is the best for me. I just love Bella. Her character is so unique and refreshing to watch. She has the ability to make me love her character. As the story progresses, I love her even more. She is such a great actress. I hope there are more talented Thai actresses out there, not just beauty only and no acting skill. I am happy that I give this lakorn a try. I can't wait for episodes 7-8.
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  8. phatman

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    Wed. . nes. . day?
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  9. milquety

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    yassss it's wednesday *~*
  10. MKfan132

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    Yea it is Wed here now for me :).
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    I've been secretly stalking these last few days because of work and stuff. Thanks again for all the spoilers, pictures, videos, and fmv everyone has shared. The wait is almost over lol.

    Here are some more gifs as we await tomorrow....thank goodness for high quality videos :thumbup:

    There were a lot of cute moments, but these two moments were my favorite. I like how their heads slightly touch and Date shyly turns away and that back hug at the end!!! I cannot get enough of it!!!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I think this scene below is by far my favorite. I gifed this 3 times already and finally added text!

    Here is a smiling Por Date to keep us alive for a few more hours. Something about Pope's smile just melts my heart :love:

    A funny one. (in the process of making more of these just cuz)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And finally a little wallpaper I quickly pasted together.

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  12. Balu_bear

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    Oh my gosh! I love you so much! Thanks for all these gift! Muahz muazh
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  13. milquety

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    They're beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I have no time to make gifs anymore lately. But I'm so tempted to do it for this drama!

    By any chance, are you on Tumblr? (The treatment of your gifs seem very Tumblr-esque :p) And if so, do you post gifsets of this drama there? Because I would love to reblog them if you do!
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  14. MKfan132

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    They're beautiful! Thanks for sharing :).

    Okay I need to go to bed now, night everyone! :).
  15. pangiaxiong

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    OMG hun those are so sweet!!! I love them so much!!! I love all the gifs and that amazing post. Can I steal all of them? lols, just kidding but may I use them?
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  16. pangiaxiong

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    BTW while looking at the gifs and poster above, Kade is like an anime character come to life. They are always bubbly, funny and so entertaining to watch.

    She sorta remind me of lina inverse slayers, lols.
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  17. phatman

    phatman ABSOLUT~PAT

    Those siggies are beautiful! I've been listening to "Oh My Dear" this whole week. . . .
    Every time I see that "sweet dreams" scene I always have to listen to the song. I have an issue.

    AND. . . Wednesday you're here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  18. phatman

    phatman ABSOLUT~PAT

    Guys so I went back to page 1 to see when this thread was made. . .2012!!! They confirmed this lakorn back in 2012!!! It took them 6 years to complete it. Wow. Makes me wonder what other confirmed lakorn right now will be airing in half a decade form now. HAHA.
  19. leemyis

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    You should make some gifs too. The more the merrier. It's so hard to find gifset of lakorns. And yes, I am on tumblr (leemyis.tumblr.com). Also, I love your Binbin siggie.

    Please go right ahead. Feel free to use them :D

    You're not the only one. I have the song on repeat in my car.

    One more...
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  20. clusmy

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    12CBCD61-EAD0-4C6C-B69A-6DC45640D1F0.jpeg Another edit because I love both of them together.

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