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Discussion in 'Thai' started by noungning, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. noungning

    noungning Heartless

    of course we don't mind :D

    we want ppl to contribute and update anything they know and have time to do...

    feel free to do more ;) :lol:
  2. mongstaness

    mongstaness sarNie Adult

    ok then! i'll do my best. :)
  3. Jieb_Lover

    Jieb_Lover sarNie OldFart

    can you list which lakorns you did or is doing?
  4. mongstaness

    mongstaness sarNie Adult

    r u talking to me?

    well i did the summaries mostly and a lil bit of the characters cuz i don't really have most info on the other stuff, so i didn't want to put wrong info on there..


    tae pang korn
    wang waree
    hua jai sila
    buang ruk
    rai rissaya
    ton ruk

    i think that was it....
  5. noungning

    noungning Heartless

    sorry i just realized someone must've accidentally closed my thread... ^_^

    well i wanted to introduce a new thing... because many of you who've worked really hard, i'm sure u want credit for your addition! :D

    after the section you've edited, whether drama, actor, actress... their profile, their info, picture etc.

    you can get credit like this picture...


    put this code at the end of your contribution:
    yup!!! it's that easy, try it out ;)
  6. dhan9

    dhan9 sarNie Adult

    hmm cool, i'm going to work on with my chakrit's file now, since not much have been done there. But hang on, i think his birthdate is wrong, i'm sure that he wasn't not born in 1975? i'm quite sure that his birthday is in June 1978. Can someone please confirm please?
  7. noungning

    noungning Heartless

  8. kate666

    kate666 sarNie Juvenile

    More official spelling

    Nawat Kulrattanarak - Pong
    (according to his official site : pongnawat.com )
  9. noungning

    noungning Heartless

    ok thanks. i'll change it now.

    as for another chakrit source... on gmm's website - http://www.gmmstar.com/html/star/personal....00001&pic=1

    it says 1975 ... so i dunno lol
  10. fun

    fun YGfamily

    So can we go back to the pages we already created and place our name like in your example above. That is awesome, but so far I have done only one. I am trying to work on another one but don't know what to begin next. Maybe another lakorn.
  11. sajenna

    sajenna sarNie Oldmaid

    i note that there are double wiki thread for some actors and actree:
    Maprang Warakarn Sayneetuntigoon>>>you can delete this one cause the other is more complet [Wiragarn Seneetunti (Maprang)]
  12. noungning

    noungning Heartless

    yeah sure! whatever u did and want credit for ;)

    i haven't gotten to the females yet, almost done with the males... lol but i'll do this one right now, thanks for letting me know! ;)
  13. kate666

    kate666 sarNie Juvenile

    Wow...how come his birth year could be so confusing.

    I think we should count on GMM as Shakrit used to be a GMM's artist.... you know.. from Teen Age Grade A year. They should have his official info.

    Oh!!!!! I remember Shakrit used to be a classmate of Katreeya English. Kat was born on 1976.

    So 1975 should be the right one!!!

    Man...he couldn't be 28!! That's my age!! And I've always known that he's one of the olders. (You know...at one point when all the celebs out there all become your 'nong's, it kinda create strange feelings. -_- )
  14. kate666

    kate666 sarNie Juvenile

    Oh...according to this pantip's thread.


    An avid fan of Shakrit confirmed his birthdate as 25 June 2521 (1978). She mentioned the interview with Kob and Kob called Shakrit "P" then Shakrit nagged her that he's only 1 month older. Shakrit and Kob were born on the same year!! His face advances his age....hahahaha. XDDD
  15. CAgirl

    CAgirl sarNie Egg

    WOW this is awesome! great work!
  16. noungning

    noungning Heartless

    lol yea strange feeling, i'm sure lol :p

    lol wow see so i guess it is very confusing haha... yeah so there we have an answer to his real bday! good job for the research! :D

    yeah we have to thank the awesomeness of all sarnies! :D ;)
  17. fun

    fun YGfamily

    couldn't agree more.
  18. stephanie

    stephanie sarNie Adult

    sarnwiki is totally awesome! there's one of p' got! woot! ha ha! here's i think all of p'got's lakorns.
    1. dao tam din with kob suwanan 1995
    1. hongfa kub somwang with aom piyada 2001
    2. likay likey with tong pukkaramai 2003
    3. tur keu duang jai with cherry khemupsorn 2006
  19. noungning

    noungning Heartless

    you can go right in and change it! ;)

    just go to his page, which i know u can because u saw it... and click edit and put what u put here there. very easy, but if u don't want to, i'll added the info into his profile if u'd like. but u should give it a shot :D
  20. dhan9

    dhan9 sarNie Adult

    but i remembered in one of the interview of Krit and Kat, kat is two years older than chakrit lol, cuz they were saying about how when they got to 30s, and if no one haven't get married then they'll marry each other? and krit is not 30 yet.

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