❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...


sarNie Juvenile
I have another one to add! 
The main guy/girl never dies even if they get shot in the head. But when the bad guy/girl gets shot in the head, they die immediately.  


sarNie Juvenile
Mahalo said:
They almost never get shot in the head ^^^ Lol. 
Haha! I know. I was over exaggerating. But if the main character gets badly injured, they don't die. If the bad guy get's injured, they die. It happens all the time. :)


sarNie Oldmaid
The praeks seems to be bad drivers because they always seem to flip when getting into accidents.

Oh and the luxury cars, especially Mercedes always seem to break down.


sarNie Adult
When the n'rais turns good at the end and decides to take the bullet for the pra'ek or n'ek.
When the n'ek is pregnant but they don't show you the bump or the baby. (Leh Ratree)
When they're filming abroad and everyone just naturally knows how to speak Thai, even foreigners. (Kol Kimono)


sarNie OldFart
When the Pra'eks act like a butthead to the N'ek for no reason.
When a Pra'eks think he knows the whole truth about N'ek only he knows jack.
When the Pra'eks think he's God's gift to women but it's his money that's a gift that keeps on giving.
When everything no matter how messy seemed to turned out good in less than an episode.
And you know when you are watching a Thai lakorn when you watched the first 2 episodes and skipped to the ending and doesn't miss a thing lol


Professional Lakorn Watcher
When chasing someone who storms out of the house, the chaser stops at the door to switch from their house slippers to regular footwear.


`my dragon's blood is blue`
ohitsnoyyy said:
Thai lakorn logic -- They can't hear the conversation that's going on right next to them, but they can hear the conversation that's taking place across the room.
Hahaha! This is true!
Also, only in Thai lakorns n'ek ALWAYS sprains her ankle when they are running.
And only in Thai lakorns the p'ek & n'ek will escape assailants while driving by GETTING OUT OF THEIR CAR AND RUNNING INTO THE WOODS. 5555


sarNie Adult
When N'ek mom doesn't accepts p'ek because of his status. In the end she (mom) will because her husband will remind her that she married him when he had nothing. ex: Kha Bordin