❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...


sarNie Egg
I don't know if this is mention but,

There is always a grandmother who accepts the girl or does not accept her.

Then there is always a scene where the n'ek or p'ek is sick and the n'ek or p'ek takes care of them.

Usually when the n'ek faints the p'ek finds her and carries her or her guy friend finds her and carries her leading to misunderstandings.

The p'ek kidnaps the girl and takes her to his other house and say sweet things to her and she softens up.

The n'rai usually becomes a killer, or becomes remorseful and becomes a buddha or becomes good.

The p'ek always have a sister or brother that helps him and n'ek come together.

Sometimes there are cases where the mother in law loves n'ek and tries to make n'ek and p'ek spend time together without any obstacles (this includes the n'rai).

There always have to be a crying scene.

There is another one, lately the n'ek or p'ek refers to themselves as actor or actress that are either bad, good, or because they are actors or actress they must do what they have to do (Noon in Kha Khong Khon, and I think Mai does this in Tawan Tor Saeng. I laugh when they do this and always agree to what they say because what they say is true, this is call irony by the way.)

Also when there is a remake of an existing Lakorn.

These really are funny....
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sarNie Egg
has this been said yet?

theres always someone crying in a lakorn

this is why i dont ever watch lakorn they mostly always the same and i get bored coz i kno what gunna happen
lol.. that will happen in almost every drama in the world.
I only learn/ start watching lakorn last year but I can predict what will happen in the story. Now, instead of the plot I'm watching for the execution of the scene and actor/actress.


sarNie Egg
There's also sometimes a "bplum" forced seduction scene (i.e. rape) from the pra'ek to the n'ek. It's disgusting.


sarNie Adult
You know when...
The " I hate you" sentence turn into a rape scene.
The main girl would lie about her information and change the  main guy family unhappy ways/life
The girl talk to much smack about the guy and the guy kiss her to shut her up ehe
In revenge lakron the main guy what to vengeance the main girl dad/mom but fall in love with her
the lakron is a lakron and the pranangs be like " don't think i'll treat you like those dara in lakron " 
When they sing out of nowhere, there no one playing the instruments but the pranang seem to be walking and singing ;/
The guy hate the girl " r " her and next day he says he love her ... hummmm
there drugs put in the main girl drink for her to lose conciseness and bad guy seem to about to rape her, takes forever to do shit to her then some how 35 min later the main guy still have enough time to save her. she wake up and hit the main guy , blaming him doing bad things for her
also when the guy grab her haed and kiss her, she open her eye wideeeeeeeeeeeee open :)
hahha that all  


sarNie Hatchling
... when you start clapping just because the pranangs kiss a little on the mouth, even though it looks seriously awkward but hey, it's not a forehead or cheek kiss!!! soooo much improvement
... when rape/kidnap/harasment/ won't get charged if you do it out of love or just say I'm sorry
... praek/nangrai + nowadays nangek/prarai get more skinship scenes then the actual pranangs
... the pranangs are familiar (same couple again...)
... the houses are really nice - but often familiar ("ahhh the same house from that and that lakorn" - moment)
... the cars are nice
honestly sometimes the storyline sucks or sometimes I'm not even sure if there's one at all besides the pranang spending some time together, but i watch the lakorn anyway, since the scenery/houses/clothes/cars etc. are nice 555


lol when it's either really dramatic or really nam-nao (stupid and boring). lol
the plot is always sooo typical and very predictable yet you still watch it because you have nothing better to do LMAO!


sarNie Egg
Hopefully not mentioned but... xP
When everyone has a picture of themselves in their bedroom/office. LOL. xD
When your childhood friend has a huge crush on you but you can only think of them as a brother/best friend. :p
When you get so angry at how the story is going and want to punch the bad people in the face but continue to watch it anyways. xD
When the nan'ek faints at an attempt rawr... so overused lol.
When the gays start to insult each other really loudly and it becomes comic relief for the intense plot.
When pra'ek calls nan'ek a loose woman just cause he saw her talking to another guy. >_>
And following that he'll go for the neck and get slapped (a.k.a slap.kiss moment xP)
When nan'ek leaves something nice on the pra'ek's bed/office desk. :D
When you want to cry because everything finally gets better in the LAST 30 minutes of the LAST episode. :')
When you jump up and down because the pra/nan'ek FINALLY kiss (or as close to a kiss as lakorns can have... we've been waiting 14 episodes just for this!! XD)
When the nang'rai's plotting evil things with her equally evil mother.
When the pra'ek kidnaps nan'ek to his beach mansion or resort or any second house he owns.


sarNie Hatchling
lol these are NOT mine.. this just the ones i ROFL and LAMO :woot2: :thumbsup: :clap: :yahoo: :loool: :coverlaf: :loool: :lmao3: :lmao2: :clap2:
 the bad girl is so good at being annoying. the way she talks, the way she moves her mouth, and her facial expression (it's hard to imagine her in any other way in real life)

the bad girl never gets the hint that pra'ek isn't interested in her.

when pra'ek grabs nang'ek by the arms, she always says, "let go! you're hurting me!"

nang'ek sprains an ankle just from a minor trip

pra'ek always has a lot of ex-girlfriends and nang'ek only had a crush or an ex-boyfriend

When the picture frame falls. you know someone is going to die .. or come by near death..
 seems like everyone notes that it happens often  STILL LIKE THE LAKORNSS :woot2:


sarNie Adult
this is such a funny and true thread! not sure if these were mentioned but... :
- n'ek cries but no tears (what's the point of crying)
- n'ek always clumsy, they always seem to slip right into pra'ek arms at the right timing
- n'ek stubborn, refuse help from pra'ek and end up slipping/tripping 


sarNie Adult
lakorns always make nangrais character very shallow with very lil depth, typical (you feel like you're watching the same rangrai but js in a diff lakorn) always so dramatic, hitting and screaming at everything and anything and excessively clingy aswell!! and they always zoom in the hatred face for so long too!!

and thumb kissing that makes you wonder 'can they make it any more OBVIOUS man!?' lol and alot of forehead and cheek kissing, but i actually find cheek/forehead kissingand cute so im not complaining heh


sarNie Adult
Not sure if people mention this
You know your watching thai lakorns when the P'Ek saves the N'Ek from the evil one. When the P'Ek believes the NangRai


Lol!  :bhehe: super on point!
The most annoying thing is when they all of a sudden forget about technology. Like forgetting to bring a phone to take pictures for evidence. Forgetting to turn off the phone in a "hiding" situation, hence ALWAYS getting caught because someone calls the phone. AND forgetting to text when using the phone is dangerous. -_- Another thing is that, the cops/police are NEVER on time for the crime. They always arrive AFTER P'ek or N'ek whooped some a**. Lol Oh and it seems, when the N'ek or P'ek is accused of a crime, no one seems to remember how to investigate. It usually takes forever for them to find an alibi or evidence proving their innocence. 


sarNie Hatchling
This is a really fun discussion LOL  :bhehe:
Ok I don't know if anyone has post this up but this things really bothers me when P'ek/N'ek is sick (or commonly had fever) start to sleep talking calling their Mom or Dad. and he/she will hold their partner's hand and he/she need to stay by his/her side all night long.. So lame... LOL  but I still love watching lakorn...  :flowers: hihihi


There are so many scenarios, but the one thing that popped in my head is: ...when the pra'ek rapes the nang'ek.
You don't see that very often nowadays, but back in the days...eesh.


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When tiny skinny n'rai goes out of control and knocks out all the baddies to escape her misdemeanor works lol
P'ek shuts n'ek w/his kiss *(sud sai paan)