❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
N'ek and her boyfriend date for years but they never "done" anything. Here comes along P'ek and she and him do the deed within months of knowing each other.


sarNie Oldmaid
...When n'ek doesn't fall in love with the sweet cute man that loves her, but she ends up with the man that bullies and harasses her.


lol that no matter what, pa'ek always ends up with na'ek, after she tries to run away from him, kick him, kill him, slap him or cheat on him. :lmao3:

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
Having a mistress or 2nd wife or third wife etc... is perfectly ok. The first wife doesn't stand up to their husband about his many wives, all they do is argue and cry. They never leave that douche.


sarNie OldFart
...When there is a beautiful scene of Nang'ek and Pra'ek struck at a beautiful Island trying to find their way back home. During that period, they eventually fall in love with each other. When they get back to the cities, the nang'rai and the other guy gets between them and make things complicated for the both of them and then they become jealous with each other...

Idk, if anyone already wrote this.ha.


sarNie Oldmaid
Haha this is the simplest one:

You know you are watching a Thai lakorn if people "Wai" each other.

If there's anything to do with Buddhism, because Buddhism plays a role in most Thai lakorns. They either speak or reference religious stuff/beliefs or pray :)


sarNie Oldmaid
Someone who goes insane always ends up dying or sent to the funny house. No one ever gets outpatient care (except Borisud Bambat Kaen, Ann had outpatient treatment, but that's still after she gets out from inpatient).

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
When one of the main characters make a speech about referring to the title so we as the audience know why the title of the lakorn is what it is.


sarNie Hatchling
You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when�

1. Its okay for the guy to rape the a girl because rape = love
2. Both the girl and the guy fall asleep after the rape
3. The girl waits around after the rape until the next morning to then get away
4. No legal charges are ever pressed against the guy for rape
5. Girl likes to faint and be carried
6. The girl- no matter how poor she is, always is the prettiest
7. Guy always owns his own island, getaway cottage house, beach house- where everything is fully furnished
8. Guy kidnaps girl to either his island or cottage far far away
9. Servants listen in on their bosses
10. There are always two sets of servants, the good ones and the bad ones
11. The mother in law is a b_tch
12. Guy and girl always look good even when they are asleep and even when they get up in the morning with full makeup on
13. There is always a single good looking millionaire somewhere
14. The bad girl is was wearing revealing clothes and too much makeup
15. The main characters are the last to know anything relevant
16. Misunderstandings can crap on for years (for viewers several episodes)
17. When girl dresses up beautifully, the world around her goes into slow motion
18. The main characters always accidentally walk and fall into each other
19. The bad girl has always got her arms around the guy, even when they are not dating
20. Sexual harassment is considered to be a sweet scene. aka slap kiss scene.
21. At some point or another the guy carries the girl crave man style
22. When girl is about to walk away, guy always manage to grab her arm in time and forcefully pull her towards him- without breaking her arm thus staring into each other eyes moment
23. Girl and guy stare into each other eyes and are just about to kiss when some as* comes in and interrupts or the phone rings.
24. Even when guy is engaged to another girl he flirts and can still fall in love with another girl
25. When guy sleeps with girls, they are his kik (friends with benefits) but when guy sleeps/ rapes main girl she automatically becomes his wife
26. Guy always have to force himself on girl to get any action
27. Food is always order but never ate
28. Guy and girl always some how have to sleep on the same bed
29. The bad guys always have minions �stupid ones
30. Bad girls always like the same guy as the good girl and bad guy always like the same girl as the good guy.
31. Slap kiss is considered second base
32. Girl turns her head around only to have her check be met by guys mouth (first base.. �Accidental kiss�)
33. The main girl usually only has a few friends (often consisting one girl friend and a gay guy friend) even though she is the nicest, prettiest person in the entire lakorn.
34. Main girl guy friend is either in love with her or is gay
35. Guy is super rich but never really is seen working or at work.
36. The cars they drive always have a red number plate
37. Guy always mistake girl male friends as her lover
38. Girl always easily listen and believes other people without much proof
39. Girls takes forever to believe the guy, even with evidence
40. Middle class does not exist, there is the rich and the poor only
41. Girl is always a virgin
42. Guy has been around the block
43. Girl dates/engaged to another guy for so many years prior to meeting main guy but has never ever kiss or slept with her fianc�e�at most they have held hands.
44. Guy/ girl run after the other at the air port looking frantically but only right at the end she/he finds one another but its too late because they did not see and board the plan
45. Girl always manage to somehow fall on top of guy which leads to number 22 (see 22 if you have forgot)
46. The bad girl always gets ganged raped
47. When girl or guy gets jealous that�s when viewers know the characters love each other
48. At one point or another someone goes into a coma
49. Wills are always changed or fakes
50. There is a birth mark (that happens to be shaped as a love heart) which distinguish the girl belongs to rich folks
51. Jealously is the first way to tell if a guy likes the girl

feel free to add to the list
true dear LOL


sarNie Hatchling
Hahaha!!! You got them all. As I was reading, all the scenes from lakorns suddenly have pop up in my head.


sarNie Adult
Don't know if anyone mentioned this yet but "you know you're watching a Thai lakorn when most of the time (at least now) the description box says YADECH."


sarNie Oldmaid
Haven't posted anything in a while but

-It's a bad omen if glass breaks and someone gets a cut on their finger
-If P'ek or N'ek cuts themselves, the other likes to suck on the blood for them
-First aide scenes are so slow because most of the time is spent staring at each other


sarNie Juvenile
you know you are watching a Thai lakorn when.... you hear the characters there speaking Thai......


Just plain obsessed
...when the supporting girl or guy doesn't give up on the p'ek/n'ek even though it's obvious that they don't love them, but they love the p'ek/n'ek.