❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

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sarNie Coma
P'ek has to do lots of research to find out if n'ek is pregnant. She won't tell him frankly, she has to make the poor man search and search.


sarNie Oldmaid
- When n'ek gets a makeover, she always reveals herself in slow mo

- Most n'eks sucks @ swimming

- Kins find out they're related when they have to donate blood to each other

- When p'ek or n'ek's parents are shunned from their status, the father is usually the one who used to be rich, while the mother was always poor.

- P'ek can be so mean, but once he's in love w/n'ek he goes all out for her

- The leads usually wake up from a coma miraculously

- You know when it's a funeral if everyone is lined up near the stupa or talking around the stupa.

- Vampires always wear black

- You know someone is from ban nok if they wear brighter clothing!

- They're in heaven if there are bright lights and clouds


sarNie Adult
haha don't know if this has been said or not, but when the nang ek or pra eak sleeps outside waiting to apologize and the other wakes up the next morning find them sleeping outside than realize they have a fever, so even though they hate the other they still wash their body for them xD haha


sarNie Hatchling
omg, just found this thread and I just love it, so funny and true. Some of my favorite are the following:

40. Middle class does not exist, there is the rich and the poor only
63. P'eks are unusually virile and/or n'eks are unusually fertile-it only takes one time to get pregnant (usually from the rape)
64. P'eks must never think their sperm is that super because they usually believe the n'eks are pregnant by someone else, never mind that they were virgins before you

on # 64, i know right, N'ek can be a virgin before P'ek rapes her, but she suddenly becomes a whore or something afterwards because P'ek usually do not believe that it's their baby.

And now I'm going to add my own two cents.... You Know you're watching a Thai Lakorn when...

- Grown men are scare of their mother and get beat up/hit by their mom if they misbehave

- P’ek could be critically wounded, yet will still have strength to carry N’ek if needed and even run with her in his arms (while other characters are just standing around looking useless)

- Evil family member of P’ek or N’ek always gets forgiven at the end after supposedly having learned their lesson. (I find this one annoying.)

- When N’ek gets chase by bad guy they usually run into a building or onto a roof. (Why would you run into an enclose area???? Stupid right?)

- When you click on your favorite youtube subber’s page 100 times in an hour hoping to see an update…LOL…

- When N’ek and P’ek are getting attack by bad people N’ek stands around looking all dumb doing nothing when she could have grabbed something to knock the bad out while they are struggling with P’ek

- When N’ek is a doctor or nurse they wear heels. Really no real doctor or nurse would wear heels because they have to be on their feet all day.


sarNie Oldmaid
p'ek never shoot at bad people first, he always waits until they shot him first and then he can use his gun
they're glued with their cellphone: i don't want to know how much is their bill at the end of the month
the surgeon never has blood on their greens

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sarNie Coma
If n'rai and p'ek are near a pool n'rai falls....

1. On purpose so p'ek can give mouth to mouth, get in the pool with her, etc
2. because p'ek got pissed at her so he throws her in the pool
3. p'ek is blinded and thinks n'rai can't swim
4. p'ek goes to save her to make n'ek jealous

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sarNie Coma
N'ek is poor but her hair is perfectly done in such a complicated hairdo that no girl could do alone unless she had a hairdresser.


sarNie Egg
You know your watching a Thai lakorn when....
Characters have names like peemai, kaohom, din, lom, fai, nam, kraochao, tien, toop


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
^ LOL. i'm not thai so i wouldn't be able to tell. but those names sure do strike a soft spot in my heart --> especially FAI!!! :cloud9:

you know you're watching lakorn when:

-Female doctors and nurses wear freaking HEELS...AT WORK! :facepalm:
lol i'm sorry but no matter how gorgeous n'ek has to appear onscreen this just crosses the line.

-when the characters 'play lakorn' to fool some other character (usually the guys that are after n'ek)

-when people/leads become waaay clumsy and trip, fall, slip and otherwise accidentally land themselves in a position where their faces are a millimeter from each other, breathing each other's air and staring...staring...staring


sarNie Oldmaid
... when you curse the people who interrupts p'ek and n'ek when they're going to kiss each other! why? or why????

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
P'ek and N'ek have a hard time saying the words "I LOVE YOU" to each other.
At the end of a lakorn p'ek forces n'ek to say i love you and when she says it p'ek pretends not to hear and n'ek ends up yelling it.


sarNie Hatchling
* when the characters have long last names that most fans cannot even pronounce...much less try to spell them...LOL..


sarNie Coma
Jjinx, I was just about to mention the last part you said about nek being clumpsy and she happen to fall perfectly into praeks arm. For some reason he's always around to catch her in time. Its like he's superman or something lol

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
Where they spend half and hour on a death scene and instead of taking them to the hospital they explain who's the real father of who, why this person is this, blah blah. THis half an hour could be used to save that person's life. And the person who is dying never wants to go to the hospital. Someone suggests "lets take you to the hospital" the dying person is like "noooo let me die" in such a dramatic voice and the drama music kicks in.

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
The romance in a lakorn usually takes place in an island or the beach, or is contains a juicy part there. N'ek gets kidnapped there, p'ek and n'ek run away there, one of the pra'nang get shipwrecked or stranded there, they get trapped there, etc.

Some examples:
Ruk Nee Hua Jai Rao Jong - N'ek and p'ek get stranded there which creates the good memories and growing of romance.

Jum Luey Ruk - P'ek kidnaps n'ek falls for her, rapes her, creates good memories for future flashbacks.

Manee Yard Fah - N'ek gets saved by p'ek and they end up getting stuck on the island. Yet again creates good memories and factor for the pra'nang to develop feelings for each other.

Sawan Being - Rape, creates baby, p'ek fall for n'ek.

Ngao Kammathep - Pra'nang gets imprisoned on the island. Gets stuck there. Creates good memories.

Duang Jai Patiharn - P'ek kidnaps n'ek there, realizes feelings for each other.


sarNie Egg
-there's always a car chase scene
-if there is a car chase scene someone has to get hurt
-hands are the only things you can see of during a kiss or the famous back of the head
-in order to get through heartbreak someone always gets drunk which can lead to numbers 1,2,3,8,22
-the nang'rai is usually the only one who has enough brain capacity to figure secrets out way before p'ek or anyone else
-there are six possible ends to the n'rai's
1)they go crazy and get sent to mental hospital
2)they go crazy and try to kill n'ek but eventually end up killing themselves
3)they go temporarily crazy and eventually become monks in the end
4)everyone finds out how evil and crazy they are so they are forced to leave the country
5)they go crazy and try to kill the p'ek or n'ek but police comes in the nick of time to arrest them and they spend the rest of their life in jail
6)they finally realize how crazy they were and decide to give up by leaving the country or becoming monks
-the lakorns which do not have happy ending by which i mean the n'ek and p'ek don't marry or get together never have good final ratings
-consensual sex does not exist between the p'ek and n'ek
-these are every p'ek's qualities POSSESSIVE, OPPRESSIVE, SUCCESSIVE, OBSESSIVE, IMPRESSIVE But not PROGRESSIVE until the end of the lakorn when they finally find out they lapsed into caveman mode
-'ploy chan na aka let me go' or 'let go of my hand' are the most used words in the script alongside 'clieth khun aka i hate you', 'ibaa aka crazy' and 'die'