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sarNie Hatchling
Yeah this song is more generic, but I prefer this one to the previous one. She looks and sounds good. I feel like this song can sound like a drama OST.


sarNie Adult
Wonder if it's just me, but watching the MV, at some angles Taew reminds me of Aff.

This song def is more suitable for her and the vibe of the music video is more suited for her. Instead of trying to be idol like pop. This is more natural and enjoyable.


sarNie Hatchling
Bella spoke to clear the recent rumors between she and Peak. She said that she did not said anything about it earlier because she knew it wasn’t her, she didn’t go to Ayuthaya. She also had not spoken to Peak about it because there’s nothing. The video of them making merit together was an old video taken when they were shooting Dare to Love and it was done together with the production crew.

Her statement isn’t surprising. Basically she is super careful not to offend any fans, so all shippers can read what they like from it. She’s working a lot though and to me she’s starting to look a bit tired these days. She seems eager to grab all work opportunities that come her way but I hope she ensures she gets enough rest too.

I think Great also denied the rumors of him and Kao going to Ayuthaya. Lol