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He took the miss grand Thailand....left ch7....he chose to left them. Ch7 didn't ditch him....he chose to fade from ch7 because of the new management.....he said he gave a letter to ask them to join the press? to ch7 exec but none of them showed up....

The new exec....he does not agree with and their system .....he don't agree with....they are old fashioned and not with the time....he chose to fade away because their method isn't agreeable with him to breed success.....

The new exec never come when they ask them to and they never gave any feedback. They sent a letter to "lup churn". Basically the new exec said they will not associate with ppl who rent their time/space in ch7.....

He is saying they are behind the times in productions.... I'm not pointing fingers....but generalizing....we are building a brand and need to keep up with the times.

Excess any mistranslation.... I'm doing it on the fly and can't find the word that is fitting ...

Also I didn't fully listen to it...



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Ok just read the news, it seems the Boxing match Matthew attended 2 weeks ago are source of the infection, not sure how many thousands were there but now more and more are traced to the event.


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Can ch3 just air more stocked evening lakorn since lots of ppl are recommended to stay home....
I agree! Honestly, I am so disappointed when half the lakorns don't even air. That would give the perfect opportunity for the actors/actresses to stay home and protect themselves. Literally places are closing and events being canceled because of the virus. I'm at home trying to finish my semester by moving to online and using zoom. I need a refund for my dorm. ugh


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Congratulations to the couples. Sucks to be having weddings at this time. Weddings, funerals, and any other large gatherings are banned in my country right now.


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Aw that's so cute! Do you know how they both met? I've only seen Noon played as supporting roles and Louis playing the main lead
They worked in the same music company. He was really hurt from a previous relationship....tanya?

Noon said she was scared to speak to him because she doesn't know english and she was a Johnny fan.

He thought she was snobby cuz she would kinda go ignore him.

They corporate in concert & started chatting? He had his manager call her & they chatting for a bit and gradually hung out....

Noon is pretty understanding and patience...she's funny ...very silly & goofy

They were on a show and recount a time that Louis was wicked jealous some guy was talking to her and he got pissed and ignored her for the whole day.

They both often visit each other on set and take care of each other....

I started following them after BPS and became a fan

Noon got soo much hate from his newer fan saying she is ugly....ect...

His older fan personally know and have a good relationship with her.....

They want to have a baby too...seeing and playing with friends kids...made Louis want one hahaha
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Just phet army 1... aired recently.... since ppl are in quarantine....just air it.... air in YT with ads & make $.....stock it for what?

I'm sooo bored lol
Dr Kong also aired. By that time his contract with Ch3 ended.