❤️[ONE31] Club Friday the Series 14: Love & Belief (Change2561): Various actors


sarNie Oldmaid
The latest season of Club Friday the Series is entitled "Love & Belief".

คนกินแฟน (Khun Kin Fan)
Airing Date: 08/19/2022 to ?
Cast: Mai Warit, Bua Nalinthip
Director: TBA

Marriage License
Airing Date: TBA
Cast: Pancake Khemanit, Chakrit Yamnam, Mo Amena, Top Jaron
Director: TBA

7 Years Love
Airing Date: TBA
Cast: Mo Monchanok, Zee Pruk
Director: TBA

Airing Date: TBA
Cast: Punjan Prama, Vill Wannarot, Ying Rattha
Director: TBA

Third Party
Airing Date: TBA
Cast: Chippy Sirin, Golf Anuwat, Yin Anan
Director: TBA
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sarNie Oldmaid
So looks like "Love & Belief" is indeed happening and said to premiere starting August 19th. Very unusual for Change2561 to not have much fanfare regarding this.

Based on what I just checked on IG, looks like Mai Warit and Bua are headlining this story.

I saw that this will air in place of Love Seasons Celebration timeslot, presumably starting August 12th. But I can't seem to find any info about "Love & Belief".



sarNie Oldmaid
It'll be interesting to see who will appear this season. A bunch of actors from this list have yet to appear in CF.

This is premiering in a couple of months, but so far no spoilers yet on social media.

I wonder if these actors/resses who have upcoming projects with Change (and haven't appeared in any of the last 2-3 seasons of CF) would appear next season.

Aimee Morakot ("Tawan Tok Din") --> Looks like she's retiring from acting, but let's see
Wawwa Nichari ("Pleng Bin Bai Ngiw")
Pae Arak ("Pleng Bin Bai Ngiw")
Got Jirayu ("Krachao Seeda" / "Fah Tan Tawan") --> He was in "The Last Happy New Year"
Mint Nutwara ("Fah Tan Tawan") --> She was in "Unhappy Birthday"
Porche Saran ("Fai Luang") --> He was in "Unhappy Birthday"
Green Ausadaporn ("Krachao Seeda") --> She was in "The Last Happy New Year"
Pong Nawat ("Sai Roong")
Sammy Cowell ("Sai Roong") --> She was in "Unhappy Birthday"
Baifern Pimchanok ("Thong Pra Kai Saed")
Kao Jirayu ("Thong Pra Kai Saed")
Tak Bongkot ("Mia Luang")
Pim Pimprapa ("Mia Luang")
Adding to this list

Pip Ravit ("Sai Roong")
Boom Trerak ("Sai Roong")
Kat English ("Sai Roong")
Maprang Alrisa ("Fah Tan Tawan")
Um Amarin ("Fah Tan Tawan")
Kob Songsit ("Fah Tan Tawan")
Cris Horwang ("The Root")
New Thitipoom ("Dong Dok Mai")
Mew Laknara ("Dong Dok Mai")
Benz Punyaporn ("Dong Dok Mai")
Andrew Gregson ("Fai Luang")
Esther Supreeleela ("Jao Sao Nai Sai Lom")
Mo Monchanok (still untitled project)

And hopefully some of these freelancers/returning artists who worked with One31

Prang Kannarun
Pooklook Fonthip
Film Chatdao
Pei Panward
Mai Davika


sarNie Oldmaid
Looks like Vill and Punjan are gonna be paired up.

So is Punjan really going freelance? Or just Broadcast Thai being lenient, as he already worked with One31 once in a sitcom with Noona and with GMM25/GDH in Project S: SPIKE.


sarNie Oldmaid
Pancake working with One31 and Change for the first time.



sarNie Oldmaid
2 BL boys joining this season of Club Friday

I'm surprised at how Yin is that popular, with close to 2M followers on IG.