❤️[ONE31] Bpai Hai Teung Duang Daao: Cris Horwang / Aum Atichart / Bank Thiti / Maprang Alrisa


sarNie Adult
The cast

Director: San Srikaeolo

Athichart Chumnanon
Cris Horwang️️️️️️
Bank Thiti Mahayotaruk
Maprang Alrisa Kunkwaeng

Tau Sedthawut Anusit
Masayavanich Krirkphol
Puifai Natthapat Wipatkornthrakul
Linpita Jindapoo
Tai Penpak Sirikul
Pitta Na Pattalung
Palm Supachai Suwanon
Oui Sutita Gatetanon


You.Me. +Lakorn= buddies
So there's three couple in one lakorn? Or is this a series? And boy!! I'm loving Bank+Alrissa couple! They look nice together!!


sarNie Adult
This looks like an intense drama based on thr snippet. I'm just concerned that this highly likely airing at the same time as "Nuer Nai" (possibly on the same timeslot too). Cris is also there and it's as intense or more intense than this.



sarNie Adult
Plot : Charam and Hamesuda are perfect couple that everyone feel jealous, actually is just pretending
Their relationship now become broken. Hamesuda is tired of Charam's player, can't divorce in order to protect the image to society
One day, Charam meet Paaithong, architect who will take care of the project for him, later start love interest on her,
even know that she's being in relationship with Theewin


sarNie OldFart
Wait so Aums character is married to Cris and he’s a player. Is he having an affair with Maprangs character or is he just trying to get with her and she doesn’t want that? Kind of confused on that part.