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Expired Sarnie
I would like to keep the Thai section a bit more organized, in terms of labeling. It makes this forum look more unified and organized.

Please do follow the format. I will be giving warning for first time offender. This will be strictly enforced.

[Ch#] Romanization of the Lakorn Title (Production Company)

or if it is a cable channel [True], [Green], etc. similar to HBO, Stars, MTV, etc

If the production team is unknown, label it as (unconfirmed)

If the lakorn is a remake, there is no need to add the year in the title. Sawan Bieng 2008 is not necessary because after airing, it will already be in the folder of the year the lakorn has aired.

Tagging, suggested by Cecilia, please do keep it consistent: Nickname and given name should be address properly, ex. Chompoo Araya, Ann Thongprasom etc. Please tag main cast only (not restricted to pra ek and nang ek). Yes I am being picky, it is not that difficult to capitalize the first letter of their name.

If the casting is unconfirmed, please tag as cast unconfirmed in the tagging.

Please please please with a cherry on top please credit your source/information. Do not use Wikipedia as a source as a confirmation. If you do, there should be links link to the Wikipedia page, use that one instead. If taken from another forum, please credit them (Spicyforum, Lyn’s Blog, etc) If there is no link or source, thread will be deleted.

Another thing I want to address is spelling. I know there is no right or wrong way to standard romanization for the Thai language but these are some common words found in lakorn titles that we would like to keep consistent.

Charm/Love= Sanaeha
Cupid/God of Love = Gammathep
Love= Ruk
Rose= Kularb
No direct meaning, but a form of title= Khun Nu

If you have any question or concern, please do message me.
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sarNie Granny
Well, me & Darvil had rack our brain out , unfortunately, this new forum doesn't offer "topic description" like the old forum & therefore, sorry to members that request actress/actor name to appear under each lakorn thread. Darvil had post our problems at their technical support forum but unfortunately there no feature for it at the moment. i suggest put name within the title , just the leading couple first name to keep it simple w/o being lengthy . I did the first one , Norah. ^^^
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