❤️[GMM25] The Warp Effect (GMMTV / Hard Feeling Film): New Thitipoom / Fah Yongwaree


sarNie Oldmaid
Aside from Jojo Trasher's projects with GMMTV that are yet to air ("The Player" and "Mama Gogo"), he tweeted that there'll be another project for next year.

Player is almost closed. Mama Gogo is about to open and how many more stories will there be on Day 1? Next year, there are all genres. Don't let covids be an obstacle to work again. Next year, you can see my work all year. Waiting to see what it will be. This year, gmmtv is full #gmmtv2022


sarNie Adult
So uhhh... they put out promo trailers at least half a year before actually shooting? :facepalm:


sarNie OldFart
The trailer look all over the place and kind of dumb. I feel like I've seen the whole lakorn based on the trailer.