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    I'm super confused because I skimmed episode 2 and it seems like their characters (March and Mo) did the deed. But like why...? Because he wants to test himself?
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    These 5 minute clips are getting more views, comments and likes than GMM25's full episodes of their other currently airing series (Tao & Baifern's series and Mook & Smart's series). This clip was posted yesterday and already got nearly 700K views, 4.9K likes and 500+ comments. People are saying March and Mo are really compatible and have cute chemistry. One of the top commenters under this clip asked for them to be reunited in another story where March plays a straight man and it got 213 likes. If only Mo was still freelance. :( Or maybe she can still act for GMM25? Since Art Phasut is a Ch.3 actor but acted in Club Friday The Series with Focus and March.

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    I think someone mentioned in a different threat that Art is actually freelance now. Though I can't remember for sure. But yeah, definitely bummed these two might not be able to reunite.
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    That's what I thought too but then Thai Update recently posted an article on facebook talking about how he became an actor under Ch.3. I thought that if he was freelance then they would've mentioned something about how he's no longer with Ch.3 anymore...but I don't know.

    Well, if Mo can't reunite with March then maybe she can act with Alek? They were one of my dream pairs when she was still with Exact but it obviously wasn't possible back then. I always thought March and Alek had a resemblance. Just that Mo would look really petite next to Alek as opposed to March who's closer to her size and height. But one good thing about Mo being with Ch.3 is that we'll be seeing a little bit more of her at least at Ch.3 events. She's confirmed to be attending the 49 anniversary. Hopefully we'll get some good coverage of her there while we wait for her new lakorns with Ch.3.

    I do want to see her with James Jirayu also. He hardly follows any non Ch.3 actors but he's been following Mo on IG even before she signed a contract with Ch.3 whereas Mo isn't following him back-so I wonder if he had a crush on her since his type is cute girls and his current girlfriend also has similar features to Mo. I also want to see her with James Ma, Mario (again), Nine (again) and possibly New Chaiyapol (since they never got a chance to pair up at one31). Tor and March as well since they're both freelance and can still act-maybe not as pra'ek though-for Ch.3.
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    Anonymous<3 TooMo/TamMo = a matchmade in lakorn heaven ♥

    March and Mo are soooooooo cute. Look at how shy they are during the third take of the kiss scene @0:56. One of the top comments under one of the most recent clips by GMM25 said "this couple is perfect" and it got 100+ upvotes. I wish they could reunite in a proper storyline.
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