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It's true and it doesn't matter "WHO", any fan tend to get too defensive and cannot take a constructive criticism. People aka "fans" need to relax a bit and know that they don't OWN the daras. Anyone is entitled to an opinion as long as they are not verbally attacking the dara(s) or the fans. And anyone who reads this thread should stay true to their words. I often see people who are being hypocrites, criticizing other daras then later PROTECTING their "FAVORITES" like they are some sorts of god or demon (restricting fans from saying that they have poor acting skills or poor chemistry)! Everyone should stay open and allow people to have a say but also allow others to disagree and dislike your "favorite" daras as well. Disliking doesn't mean "HATE" its just an expression of NOT being INTERESTED. Yet that doesn't mean you go and tell that person who dislike your "favorite" to leave the thread or start making malicious comments about the dara. People will know when someone is being rude, ignorant, immature and writing malicious comments verses when someone is trying to give constructive criticism. --Peace yo--


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I don't get this one. Why members kept quoting same photos right after one another; especially, big photos. It seemed like they wanted to increase the pages number or something.

I don't know if Darvil, our technical admin, is concerned about disk space efficiency or not.


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^He has never mentioned it before but out of common courtesy, members should do this for the sake of everyone here.

Constructive criticism shouldn't be target at as fan attack .. when the statement contains a clear explanation of what is what.

*i'll update more detail later on these and message Darv to see what he thinks. As for now, continue jotting down what need to be addressed so when i write to him -- i can explain this is detail.
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Thank you P'Ceci.. I am content, and at peace with this friendly reminder.. :grouphug:

Can I recommend "no hot-linking" images? by reuploading onto their own servers?


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"no hot-linking" requires so much time and work. some members who love to share also doesn't have photobucket account etc. but by re-uploading, it really helps so there's no dead link lmao. I think it's alright to hotlink or not. :) But if you decide to take it as rule, I'm alright.


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Please refer to this link for OFFICIAL FORUM RULES: http://asianfuse.net/discuzz/topic/57539-rules-all-members-must-follow-on-the-forum/


What's hotlinking, sorry, I don't know what it is, so if i do it, i'm sorry. This is the first year i that i got my own laptop so i'm new to it.


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hey ! i am new member here. Could someone help me ? When does this drama airing? date , clock and channel please . 
and it would be great if you say last episodes number :)
thanks  :)

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Can one of the admins check out the magazines thread. One of the members is refusing to conform to the crediting picture rules.