❤️ [Ch8] Pom Ruk Salub Hua Jai (Aplus production): Andrew Gregson / Cheer Thikumporn

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    Ch8 huh? Yeah they have some weird twist to their lakorns. Their lakorns are either really good or just over the top. There are few that starts out decent but by the 3rd episode its like horrible. I actually saw bits and pieces of that lakorn Ngao Sanaeha, the nang'ek (the new face) in there is pretty good, really like her acting. Hopefully this one doesn't have some weird twist or start out super dramatic but ends so mediocre.
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    Apparently they will having fitting on 14/9
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    @san.927 for the update.

    I can't wait till 14. OMG I really really want to know the storyline is already. :cheer::cheer::cheer:
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    I not sure but the title mean "Heart Love Knot." ???? I'm not sure since I'm not good with Thai and I use goggle to translate. I hope some who know Thai better can tell us what the title mean.
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    Looks like they will having worship on 27th sept
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    Can moderator or admin do an edit on the title. It's pronounced as Pom not Poom
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    Did they used Andrew's pic from MKLFF...I missed Chut lol. It is gonna be drama since it is channel 8.
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    Fitting today
    kungbuntanik_BZAjqltlZDb.jpg kungbuntanik_BZAhFEFFuWd.jpg thikamtheseries_BZAmzDIBDl0.jpg kungbuntanik_BZAnrzil4ZC.jpg kongrs_BZAog9LAUcr.jpg tewtew_sogood_BZAs5VzDSHB.jpg
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    aplusproduction_BZA7Lk3HZSj.jpg aplusproduction_BZA90AJnOEv.jpg jayjintai_BZA5ZPEgwDI.jpg aplusproduction_BZA6WgTHHYg.jpg
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    Andrew is surrounded by a number of ladies, so we all know what this means = drama, drama, drama ! lol.
  15. san.927

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    So handsome

    aplusproduction_BZBPZNNnHem.jpg aplusproduction_BZBP4adnO10.jpg aplusproduction_BZBPXmvn0x8.jpg omyimmcambodiafan_BZBOqqoHvcm.jpg
  16. dancy

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    Thanks @san.927 for sharing the fitting photos.

    Cheer and Andrew look so cutie together. I can't wait to know what the storyline is. This lakorn is going to be romance/drama.

    Also here are some of the other cast members in this lakorn:

    Other cast:

    Focus Jeerakul
    Due Arisara
    Pookpik Shorlajhan
    Omyim Yimmm
    Jay Jintai
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  17. san.927

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    You're welcome~ im waiting for the storyline too:cheer:

    More fitting photos

    thikamtheseries_BZA329jhq8v.jpg thaich8_BZBZEx_nby0.jpg thaich8_BZBZEz2HNty.jpg thaich8_BZBZE-VnSpf.jpg thaich8_BZBZFBunH5h.jpg thaich8_BZBZFDan9ic.jpg thaich8_BZBZFM7n831.jpg thaich8_BZBZFQzH54s.jpg thaich8_BZBZFafHt1l.jpg
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    Awe, Cheer and Andrew look cute together. Is Cheer shooting three lakorns? This, the one with Ken, and Toey?
  19. san.927

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    And more
    andrewgregsonfamily_BZBqlhxj1gY.jpg andrewgregsonfamily_BZBqlNUjBO5.jpg icegreentealatte_BZBsnlVgwH7.jpg andrewgregson_fc_BZBrDO-jR-6.jpg omyimyimmm_BZA6Fa5nMHQ.jpg pookisasi_BZBa0_ojLWN.jpg drewcheerhomez_BZBjJuulruQ.jpg omyimyimmm_18032889_344886425952522_8914732500098482176_n.jpg -28da70edbde3ceb3.jpg -6f63fed586236300.jpg
  20. san.927

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    Ken im not sure but yes with toeyp

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