❤️[CH7] Yod Rak Nakrob (Mummai) : Weir Sukollawat/ Thisa Varitthisa

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
I can see why this got mediocre ratings compared to Weir's other work, it started off slow then it got interesting and then it was kind of meh for the rest of the lakorn. I think they spent too much time setting up Yod Rak and Nak Robe's stories in the beginning.

Yod Rak isn't as bad as a player as people paint him out to be. He's flirty but it isn't like Weir's character in Koo Rot Zaab who was just horny all the time. It was kind of gross that he was willing to impersonate Nak Robe purely because he wanted Chonlada though and took advantage of her by sleeping with her while she still thought he was Nak Robe. He did have a conscience afterwards though after Chonlada confronted him about his deception which I guess makes him more forgivable. Nak Robe also isn't so much of an idiot as expected, they describe him as someone who has no idea about women but he was super flirty when he first met Chonlada though. I liked that Yod Rak wasn't an idiot though, he actually managed to internalize the things he learned from the soldiers and managed to become a successful fighter.

Pajone was a too much of your one dimensional villain though. He really had no personality and his hatred towards everyone seemed super unwarranted. It didn't even seem like he was evil because he was jealous of Nak Robe or in love with Chon, he was just evil just because apparently. His demise was typical, I still really didn't understand what he wanted.

Somjeed and her guy met too late though, their love story was pretty rushed but her scenes with Hia whatshisface was funny. Too bad they killed him off, as well as the INTERPOL people, that took an unexpected dark turn.

The love story was okay. I liked that despite it was them getting along most of the time, their interactions were interesting. They slept together way too early though and the scenes subsequently were dull. On another note, I liked the bed scene, Weir really went for it.

I think they should have used Yod Rak's musical powers to more of an advantage, it would have provided for more comedy but they only used it like 3 times in this lakorn. The musical numbers were the best parts of this lakorn and the secondary villains like the Chinese mob bosses were funny. My favourite scenes were when Yod Rak had amnesia in the hospital and he thought Chon was his mom.

This lakorn was okay, it could have been funnier though.