❤️[CH3SD] Mue Prab Khao Saan Sek: Benz Natthida/Ball Jitpanu/Nam Whann


sarNie Oldmaid

I don't know the full name of the other girl but her IG is whan.p
Credits to toy_wikkhanet
I also used the title's hashtag as source for the photos. :)


sarNie Granny
Don't tell me it's comedy! Good lord . NooooOo . Why Ball? I can't get over the fact they was just in a lakorn together.


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
I'm assuming it's romantic-comedy with ghost theme? Idk haven't look for a summary yet


sarNie Granny
My Worst nightmare. Romantic comedy w/ ghost theme :(


sarNie OldFart
Oh sorry, what I meant by my comment is that I haven't seen her in pics or BTS clips so that's why I'm questioning what her role is. Because if she were the female lead I would assume we'd have seen more of her.
Oh I see... yeah, who are the parangs in here??


sarNie Juvenile
From what I understoof, Benz is not the female lead. It is a beginner named Namwhan Pilaiporn (so disappointed)