❤️[CH3] Kao Waan Hai Nou Bpen Sai Larb : Grate Warintorn/ Kao Supassara


sarNie OldFart
Heres more clips from the fitting! Aww love how casually Great puts his hands on Kao's shoulders. These two are quickly becoming one of my fave pairings. I need to not get my hopes up cause i dont want to be dissappointed lol


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
Omgggg Great looks so happy to be in the uniform.
I think P'ja did mention that theres actors and actresses from the previous 2 versions.


sarNie Egg
Chai playing the bad guy along with Petch. . Petch probably pek uncle and . Cast looks Great already. AU thanakorn as the lieutenant that hire Suam (nek) I'm looking forward to this already. Especially my beloved Great Warintorn. Its nice seeing Great and Yardthip. She was actually his first nek when he became a a full time pek. I remember their lakorn. SAIsueb Delivery. Very funny and cute.


sarNie Egg
So from the fitting picture
Nok Jariya is also in her with Thun Takrit. I assuming Nok playing her mom and thun, the stepfather. Mom daughter relationship is hilarious. I'm gonna have the marathon of both versions this week . Its classic