❤️[CH3] Kao Waan Hai Nou Bpen Sai Larb : Grate Warintorn/ Kao Supassara


sarNie Adult
Good to know they will modernize it a little! Most likey they will take out the r- scene. Was there a lot of jealousy scenes in the 2 other versions? I like some jealousy moments from the p'ek hehe

Ans yeah great still looks amazing! Great is always being ganged up on by his n'eks. Last time, Diana, Kao, and Chippy were making fun of him under one of his ig posts lol
He is a funny guy, they need to replace it with a good w scene, plus i hope the script be good.


sarNie Adult


sarNie OldFart
Oh, they finally had the fitting photos.. It's gonna be a long wait but I'm up for this. Love the casts and the leads look good together. The height gap :icon12: Kao looks adorable and pretty. And Great looks good in this! He looks younger compared to his look in that Hero series.
Yeah he looks way better in here than My Hero Series. I didnt like his long hair. Ir didmt suit him