❤️[CH3]FakFah kiri Dao (Puajinjong) : Pon nawatch / Sarin inpitar / Namwhan Phulita


sarNie Hatchling
Threadmaker please pretty please change Pon's name from Nawatch to Nawasch.... that T is bothering me a bit coz silly me keeps saying Watch as in tiktok seeing the name every time I open this page :BangHead:

So really really looking forward to this show, apparently its also going to be shot in Kashmir India and being an Indian its gonna be crazy fun watching what customs & places they choose to include in the show. (please no cringey stuff:risas3:) The production team have already been to India to check out the locations as per paujinjongs insta. Just praying they come here post elections i.e. after april coz that is definitely not a good time to visit India especially Kashmir. Also as per an insta account that's helping us international fans with eng info (notebook_2020) about the show and also from the very very few words I understood while watching the fitting vid says that its Pon who is playing a Kashmiri businessman or something named Suntharakas or as per the above pic & in proper hindi the pronunciation would be Sunder Aakaash (meaning Beautiful Sky)
So then to make some assumptions is Pon the Fah(sky), Sarin the Kiri(mountain) & Whan the dao(star)???????? :confused12:


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I knew I wasn't the only one thinking of Nadech, Mint, Mark lol. Anyways...who gonna get the gurl at the end?! Both are very good looking. But I'm rooting for Pon&Whan.