♥ mainhiathao's artworks ♥ 6/12/12


sarNie Granny
amazing amazing amazing artwork. love them all. they are so beautiful :D

i was wonder, which photoshop program do you use for your gif/animation because they look absolutely beautiful. whenever I do it, it comes out very pixelated and bad lol.


Staff member
oh man.. so much new work too view :D wahhhhh.. they're amazing!!!! keke...

i especially love your "wish me a poem" ... you used graves of the fireflies's anime pic right? keke.. one of my fav sad movie T_T..


sarNie Granny
^ i have no idea, actually it was a request n she gave me tat pix to work with. btw love ur banner, margie is HOT.


sarNie Granny
i feel like i haven't done artworks in years. Just made some today.

* awk i wish sammie n om would do another lakorn together, i love them. :)



sarNie Granny
love them all. they are so beautiful. I really want Sammie and Om to pair up again too~


- Marina ♥
I love the gilly poster. It's super cute. Guy's hothothot <3 Love the pink color.
The Bangkok poster basically took my breath away. .... I'm speechless .... It's beautiful. The coloring to the font you used. Everything fits so well. Amazing, breathtaking poster. Great job~!
My Lovely Reporter - Cute :D I love the swirly designs.
Aum and Min are gorgeous. Oil <3 Seeing that Married with a Stranger reminds me of Bundai Dok Ruk, I loved their couple.
Sammie & Om <3 It would be a great fic xD