yaya urassaya

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    Ruk Lambak (Love Is Difficult) Spoiler UPDATED.

    Love Is Difficult   Mark Prin Boy Pakorn   Nadech Kugimiya   James Jirayu The Girls:   Mint Chalida   Margie Rasri Yaya Urassaya Bella Ranee   <4 different love stories filled with love, sex, pregnancy, up&downs, and twists&turns>   Can these girls handle them?
  2. B

    Yaya Urassaya (GRAZIA Issue 048, September 2013)

    credit: NY Club           
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    Nadech Kugimiya & Yaya Urassaya (Traveller's Companion Sept Issue)

    Credits: Traveller's Companion Magazine Facebook    :heart:  :heart:  :heart: in lovestruck mode  :heart:  :heart:  :heart:
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    Home -One Shot- (COMPLETED)

    … The following is a work of fiction. The events and characters are fictional and the celebrity names/images merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrity is in real life. No offence is intended towards them, their families or friends and anyone. © 2012. All Rights Reserved to...
  5. Falada

    Yaya Urassaya (VOLUME #183 : BEAUTY SCIENCE August 2013)

    Credits: NadechYaya at Pantip             Yaya is so gorgeous. :D
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    {UPDATED Preview Chapter 2: The Dark Prince's City} The Four Prince: Elemental Series

    The Prince's City   Prince Nadech is just a cold heartless b*st*rd who uses his money and charm for his own desire and pleasure. Yaya is just a city-girl who was recently hired to become Nadech's personal and work-related assistant. She hesitates when she hears rumors that Nadech has...
  7. Falada

    Yaya Urassaya ([BTS] Madame Figaro)

    Credits: BarryYa                                                                                              
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    Mark and Yaya in Paris, France (12 PLUS Event)

    My man Mark is pretty tall considering Yaya's a "giant" girl. lol NOT literally y'al know what I mean but she is tall. lol I want to see them reunite in a modern lakorn. :) :dance1:     In Paris       Of course Mark's fans can never let him leave without a farewell goodbye and visit...
  9. Alice

    Yaya Urassaya (PLOYKAEMPETCH Vol.22 no.516 July 2013)

    credit to magazinedee
  10. Alice

    Yaya Urassaya (GOODHEALTH FOR YOU Vol.3 no.24 June-July 2013)

    credit to BarryYa
  11. A

    Various Stars (VOLUME vol. 9 no. 180 May 2013)

    Credits: Magazinedee, VOLUME's Facebook, Vill's IG.  
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    Pretty Dangerous

          -Mint Chalida -Kimberley Voltemas -Vill Wannarot         -Mark Prin -Rome Patchata -Pong Nawat     <span style="font-family: comic sans ms" ,="" cursive'="">-Mark & Mint Synopsis- Mint is the main girl of the pretty dangerous, her only sister in the group is Vill. (Vill is...
  13. Alice

    Various Star (STAR CLIP Vol.7 no.137 May 2013)

    credit http://www.magazinedee.com/main/imagepreview.php?id=12727486221489492909
  14. Alice

    Yaya Urassaya&Margie Rasri (SARANAEDARA Vol.3 no.52 May 2013)

    credit magazinedee  
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    Min & Porshe, Yaya & Nadech (GOSSIP STAR vol. 10 no. 410 May 2013)

    Credits: Magazinedee  
  16. Alice

    Kim Kimberley&Yaya Urassaya (STAR CLIP Vol.7 no.135 April 2013)

    credit magazinedee
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    Yaya Urassaya & Aum Atichart (CHEEWITRAK vol. 32 no. 1593 April 2013)

    Credits: Magazinedee  
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    Yaya Urassaya & Aum Atichart (SARANAEDARA vol. 2 no. 49 April 2013)

    Credits: Magazinedee  
  19. Alice

    Aum Atichart&Yaya Urassaya(KOOSANGKOOSOM Vol.34 no.790 March 2013)

    credit magazinedee