1. Alice

    Boy Pakorn&Wanmai (LIPS Vol.16 no.13 January 2015)

    credit magazinedee
  2. Alice

    Various Stars (SUDSAPDA Vol.32 no.764 December 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  3. T

    Bplook Dauk Rak (Blossoming Love)- CH.1, 11/4/2014

    I've been contemplating and even iffy on sharing this one for a while. It's based on a true story...will tell you guys later who's story it is. For the time being, I would like to share the cast I came up with. The title, "Bplook Dauk Rak" actually means 'growing' love or 'planting' love but for...
  4. krisayaporn

    James Jirayu & Wanmai (Sudsapda vol. 32 no. 753 June 2014 )

    Cr. Magazinedee