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  1. K

    [Ch5] Buang Wan Wan (Exact & Scenerio)

    remake (Captain & Pin) credit from : thai wiki Jui
  2. looksy

    [Ch5] Nang Singh Sabad Chor [Exact]

    In a recent interview with thairath, Pong says that he will do 2 lakorns for Exact. Someone posted at pantip that นางสิงห์สะบัดช่อ / Nang Sign Sabad Chow is one of them (person got the info from twitter @ TonoGrace_Home). Sources: http://www.thairath....tent/ent/215798...
  3. K

    Bu Ngah Na Fon (Exact & Scenerio)

  4. K

    Ruen Phaa (Exact & Scenerio)

  5. K

    Kram Wela Ha Ruk (Exact - Scenario)

    http://exactscenario...oject-2011.html About Koo Gum, I've heard people who works for Exact company said Koo Gum is already confirmed and that Bie will be praek of this drama but I am not sure it is true or wrong information. We'll see soon (I hope it ^.^´´) And Koo Gum has only 2...