namtarn pichuckkana

  1. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    [CH3] Sai Lub Lip Gloss (Broadcast) : Boy Pakorn/ Namtarn Pichukkana/ Prang Kannarun/ Panjan Kawin/ Gxxod Itthipat/ Mild Lapatlan

    Source: Didn't see a thread on this, but this lakorn is definitely going to happen next year. Khun Nong recently confirmed it. IF there is a thread let me know so I can merge.
  2. D

    [CH3] Yan Thip (Broadcast Thai Television) : Toey Pongsakorn/Namtarn Pichukkana

    Since Toey and Namtarn just have the fitting for their first lakorn together not long ago they will also be pair up for Broadcast too. Here the title (I don't know the English title so need help on translate) please let me know the English title so i can change the thread. Title: ญาณทิพย์...
  3. crazy12

    [Ch 3] The Cupids Series (Broadcast Thai Television)

    This Lakorn consists of 8 series. Cr. kenphupoom_lakorn IG