namfon komolthiti

  1. darlingyaya36

    Where to watch Nangfah Gub Satan with eng sub??

    I'm honestly exhausted from looking for subs for this lakorn, I looked for this last year quite a lot but I couldn't find so I just gave up but does anyone here know where I can watch with english subtitles, pleasee :worship2::worship2:
  2. M

    Where Are They Now? Stars Who Have Faded from the Entertainment Industry

    Translated article from Gossipstar: Dark Complexion P'ek Ekarat Sarasuk Changed a Lot   Ekarat Sarasuk is another dark skinned leading actor who had faded from the entertainment industry for a very long time. According to recent pictures, he...
  3. yajvaj

    Khun Nai Som Lon

    ok i don't know this title for the lakorn but it was a while back...the pra'ek is Pol and te na'ek is Namfon (don't know her last name) Pol play as 2 characters will kinda he has a twi brother...well here is the story line na'ek is poor and her cousin want's them to go to the city to find a job...
  4. sarN

    Nangfah Satan (Ch.3 1994)

    wat u think of the lakonr