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    Various Stars (OHO vol. 8 no. 175 June 2015 )

  2. Kiachue1

    Bitter Flowers NEW UPDATE {-Ch 14-}

    Bitter Flowers   Chapter 1               The sea waved goodbye, whispering soft melody. The wind blew at Jen, her arms cross each other while every breath she took shook her whole body. She waited, waited for Nadech. Her red lips and curvy hair blended into the wind as she waited for the man...
  3. Alice

    OOPS! (Vol.11 no.249 March 2015)

    credit magazinedee
  4. ohitsnoyyy

    The Strings to My Heart (Nadech & Yaya) - Chapter 5 [4/22/2014]

    Why the hell not... LOL. Another FF coming soon... Let's hope I can manage to update on a regular basis [I surely do miss writing].     "They say you can't lose what you never had, can’t keep what’s not yours, and you can’t hold onto someone that doesn’t want to stay."
  5. T

    Roy Plae Sanaeha (Trace of Love Scars)- CH.3, [1/23/15]

    I finally found the time to clean my desk earlier this week and found three memory sticks aka external hard drives in my cupholder. Two were filled with throwback photos and the other was one for school, including labwork, papers, and FANFICTIONS. I wrote the following way back when Buang Wan...
  6. M

    Nadech & Yaya (IMAGE Vol. 27 No. 11 November 2014)

    CR: MagazineDee/ MagazineDeeFB/ As tagged   Click to see more photos
  7. T

    Bplook Dauk Rak (Blossoming Love)- CH.1, 11/4/2014

    I've been contemplating and even iffy on sharing this one for a while. It's based on a true story...will tell you guys later who's story it is. For the time being, I would like to share the cast I came up with. The title, "Bplook Dauk Rak" actually means 'growing' love or 'planting' love but for...
  8. N

    Behind The Lights

    Behind The Lights (Nadech & Yaya) FanFiction "The Managers, The Cameras , The Shows, The Fame, The Publicity, The Flashing of Lights and The Cheers from fans for Nadech and Yaya . What is it really, Behind The Lights..."
  9. T

    Selling Thai Magazines (Ray: Nadech, Sudsupda: Yaya&her sister)

    Hi :)   This is my first topic post and it happens to be a selling topic haha   Well, I have 1 surplus copy each of Ray with Nadech on the cover and Sudsupda with Yaya and her sister and I'm thinking of sharing them to foreign fans who'd love to keep them. As I'm kinda big fan of these two, my...
  10. chaitra


    THE BATTLE OF LOVE ( Will post the ending in 2 days)   Nadech, Yaya are our pra-nang of this story. The story basically starts with Nadech and Yaya already in a relationship enjoying their time together and working hard to achieve their goals in their career. So let’s know about our main...
  11. T

    TH ALS Bucket Challenge

    I just had to. Lol. Just had to. I saw so many that I lost count. Hahahaha. I think the first one I saw was Gaem Wichayanee. And then, I saw Nadech's on the pop page. Add onto the laughter if it already isn't listed here. Hahaha!   Bie Sukrit @biesukrit_w...
  12. T

    [RTEAM FF] Rak Nai Ngao Glied- CH.3 (1/22/15)

    Anybody misses Rome and Rita aka RTEAM? *raises hand* Something is seriously wrong with me and revenge plots (I don't really have an actual plot at the moment). LOL. Planning to write this soon...all I need is a love interest for Nadech and Kao's characters. For Nadech, I'm debating between: -...
  13. M

    Unrequited Love

    "It have been 2 years since Nadech have a girlfriend. Are you sure you are over him, Yaya??
  14. N

    no title

    FanFic "Just like that, I am here." Genre: - Young Adult - Romance A country called US which takes place in a dystopia theme with a contemporary feel. Joining Aisis's journey in discovering more of reality outside her old home schooled life, as she enters a University Boarding...
  15. G

    For your forced marriage*CANCELED*

    Ok well I've decided and I think my new story that I just posted yesterday won't work out so well, and the one before that is chun mai kao jai kwam mai korng ruk is also canceled. But I'll be trying to not cancel this one because I kinda like this one. So please bear with it. But por and Vicky's...
  16. A

    You make me smile

    Hi !!!! This is my second topic the first one it's been canceled .So now I start the second one called You make me smile .We have Yaya Nadech -Kim mark - Mint is Yaya and Kim best friend .And the last Noey she is a very wicked woman . So I will post more soon ...
  17. T

    Roy Ruk Glaang Talay Sai - CH.1, 10/28/2014

    For Adora, thank you for following the majority of my fanfictions. You've asked me to write this "Taam Hua Jai Bpai Sood Lah"- inspired story for a while and I've been dragging it due to the workload I've had. I know this is not the original plot of the story you had intended for me to write but...
  18. A

    You are my everything *canceled*

    Mark prin as nick Nick is a charming man who been left by ploy his ex-girlfriend but there is many girls that like him except Sara Kim as Sara A grade A student that have never fallen in love because her dad left her mom when she was 5 years old Nadech as tommy A playboy that has...