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  1. D

    ❤️[CH8] Manee Naka (A plus production) : Jean Gaewalin/ Toomtam Yuthana/ Fluke Jira/ Mungkorn Paphawin

    I don't think there was a thread for this lakorn. I check it and it seem like there wasn't. If there is one already. Please let me know so I can merge. CH.8 new lakorn. They just have the opening today. I'm not sure who is the p'ke but it seem like its going to be Toomtam. Title: มณีนาคา (...
  2. krisayaporn

    [CH8] Ngao Arthun (D Wun D Kuen) : Mungkorn Pawin / Pang Ornjira

    Fitting pics for "Ngao Arthun" new project lakorn by D Wun D Kuen production, this is horror lakorn which tell about vengeful spirit who wait for a lover - Pang Ornjira come to work with Ch8 for first time, pair up with Mungkotn Paphawin, alongside with Nachad Kaviyanant, Omyim and Pook...
  3. aiyaja

    [CH8] Suphap Burud Satan (A Plus)

    Suphap Burud Satan | สุภาพบุรุษซาตาน   Starring Kaew Jarinya and Mungkorn Paphawin   Kaew's IG: @Kaewffk | Mungkorn's IG: @_Mungkorn_   Currently airing: October 24, 2015       Teaser