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    [True] Rub Sab My Boss (?)

    I just wrote I miss Joy and want to see her on tv again and now Infound this on Pantip.
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    Majuree Phak Ron (Joy Sirilak & Kelly Thanapat)

    Hey does anyone know where I can find and watch this lakorn online? It's an old lakorn starring Joy Sirilak and Kelly Thanapat called "Majuree Phak Ron". I've been looking for it for awhile now. I remember that Joy's character was the Satan's child from hell and I think Kelly owned a...
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    [Ch5] Talad Arom (Xact) http://exactscenario...with-exact.html
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    [Media] Koom Pah Kham (Media of Media)

    // Edit by fun; Please remove stocked tag if this ever get a time slot. Edit: Original broadcast channel was Ch7. This is being picked up by a cable channel, Media Channel.